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Nuit Blanche : a 700m2 fresco from Cleon Peterson!

On the occasion of La Nuit blanche (the White Night) on Saturday 1 October, the Eiffel Tower unveils a monumental 700m2 fresco painted on the ground under the 4 feet of the Tower by urban American artist Cleon Peterson.

Admire romantic dancers from the first floor of the Eiffel Tower 

The center of the ground between the 4 feet of the Tower shows the outiline of an immense and intriguing black and white mandala. And it's only when you look down through the glass floor of the Eiffel Tower, 57 meters above ground, that you can make sens of the work or art which streches out below you under the central void of the Tower - a romantic danse with shamanist overtones showcasing the scene where two lovers come together again

The fresco takes on a hypnotic depth of meaning: the visitos, stading waya from it and yet plunged into the heart of the work of art thanks to the effect of perspective are abvle to enjoy a unique experience.

After Nuit Blanche, the fresco will remain visible until 17 October.

  endless sleep - nuit blanche2  cleon peterson  photo sete - emeric livinec

© Endless sleep de Cleon Peterson - Photo credits : SETE - E. LIVINEC


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