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The forthcoming glass partition in the Eiffel Tower’s gardens

The Paris City Council has decided to perfect security measures around the Eiffel Tower.

Both more aesthetic and more efficient
Three goals have been set: to make them more aesthetically pleasing, to improve access, and to increase protection for visitors and staff.

Improving Access
The current security barriers, which are meant to protect visitors and staff, will be replaced, on both the Seine and the Champ de Mars sides, by transparent glass panels that will be totally integrated into the urban environment. The glass structure will restore the aesthetic aspect, as well as preserve the historic and exceptional view of Trocadéro/Ecole Militaire. The new structure will provide extra security for visitors and staff who work in the Tower.

© SETE - Shun Kambe

Making the gardens part of the tour again

The public will enter through the gardens on the side parts of the monument, making this into a real tour of the landscape. Both more pleasant and more seamless, this version of the tour will make it possible to implement faster security checks, in order to improve visitor comfort and streamline visitor traffic. But it will also make it possible to emphasize the historic gardens around the tower, thus making them a part of visiting the monument, too. The gates of the structure will be Parisian Park-type gates. They will be specially drawn in the spirit of the Eiffel Tower.

© SETE - Shun Kambe

Access to the grounds beneath the Eiffel Tower stays free
Access to the grounds directly beneath the Eiffel Tower will of course remain free for anyone wishing to stroll through them, whether they are Parisians or tourists.


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