for your information

Tickets sold online are in limited quantities.

In the event that online tickets are unavailable, tickets will still be on sale directly at the Eiffel Tower’s ticket offices

All visitors must be physically present to purchase their tickets.

Thank you for coming at the visitation hour that you’ve selected

If you are later than 30 minutes, access to the tower may be denied.

* In accordance with article L.121.20.4 of the Consumer's Code, tickets are not eligible for a refund. The purchase of a ticket is final and may not be retracted by the customer


To access the Eiffel Tower, you must present your electronic ticket (not just your reservation number, which will not be accepted):

Either printed legibly onto A4 paper

Including your name, first name, and information related to the chosen product, in particular the barcode and its number.

Or by displaying the barcode on your mobile phone.

Careful, some smartphones are not suited to this task

The Group will print their tickets onto A4 paper, or collect them at the Group desk.


2018 online sales will only open in a few weeks.


preparing your visit

Find all of the information you need to visit the Eiffel Tower and discover the most beautiful view over Paris – as a family, alone, or as a group.

Discover the Eiffel Tower's official visitor guide on your smartphone !


icon_toureiffel_enA full guided tour of the Eiffel Tower with a breathtaking panorama... The monument's official app developed for  iPhone and Android phones is available! Discover its rich written and audio content and its HD 360° panorama  to find your way easily around the monument and the Parisian landscape! The app can be downloaded from the AppStore and Google play in French and English.


1 hour guided tour: follow the guide through 27 original steps to learn everything you need to know about the Tower!

Based on an audioguide model, the "Tour Eiffel, official visitor guide" app enables all visitors with iPhones and Android phones to discover the Eiffel Tower via a gallery of nearly thirty themed entries.

Monument construction, illuminations, elevators, sporting feats and much more. Each chapter has its own audio commentary and written summary with photos: a guided tour of nearly one hour and over 70 unseen period documents from the past to the present day are available!

On the monument itself, users' attention is drawn by panels to the points of interest present in the app.




Very High Def panorama: get a bird's eye view of Paris and identify over 70 famous buildings during the daytime and at night thanks to the x20 zoom

Grand Palais, Sacré-Coeur, Champs-Elysées and many more. The Paris landscape reveals itself through summary presentations. Any because not all visitors come to the Tower at the same time, the panorama can switch to a night version. The compass and gyroscope modes also let you find your way easily around the panorama.


The app also provides all the practical information you need on ticket prices, opening times, catering services and shops.

A dedicated WiFi network at the Eiffel Tower to download "Tour Eiffel, official visitor guide".

No Internet connection is required after installation: everything is embedded in your phone. For visitors who haven't downloaded the app already, a dedicated WiFi network installed at the Eiffel Tower enables them to access the AppStore or Google play and download "Eiffel Tower, official tour guide" directly on site.



*Find "Tour Eiffel, official visitor guide" on the AppStore


bouton gaucheDownload "Tour Eiffel, official visitor guide" in Frenchbouton droit
bouton gaucheDownload "Tour Eiffel, official visitor guide" in Englishbouton droit

Configuration required: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or a later version.





*Find "Tour Eiffel, official visitor guide" on Google play