for your information

Tickets sold online are in limited quantities.

In the event that online tickets are unavailable, tickets will still be on sale directly at the Eiffel Tower’s ticket offices

All visitors must be physically present to purchase their tickets at the ground floor and on the 2nd floor.

Thank you for coming at the visitation hour that you’ve selected

If you are later than 30 minutes, access to the tower may be denied.

* In accordance with article L.121.20.4 of the Consumer's Code, tickets are not eligible for a refund. The purchase of a ticket is final and may not be retracted by the customer


To access the Eiffel Tower, you must present your electronic ticket (not just your reservation number, which will not be accepted):

Either printed legibly onto A4 paper

Including your name, first name, and information related to the chosen product, in particular the barcode and its number.

Or by displaying the barcode on your mobile phone.

Careful, some smartphones are not suited to this task

The Group will print their tickets onto A4 paper, or collect them at the Group desk.


preparing your visit

Find all of the information you need to visit the Eiffel Tower and discover the most beautiful view over Paris – as a family, alone, or as a group.

Visiting a monument like the Eiffel Tower or a city like Paris is all about images, sensations, and emotions which we want to share and keep alongside our other happy memories. There are different types of shops at the tower. You’re certain to find something that your friends and family will love …and which mean something special to you as well !

boutiquesThe Official Eiffel Tower Shops offer a large selection of cultural and souvenir items with Paris and the Eiffel Tower as theme :

Eiffel Tower miniatures and key rings, post cards, medals as well as stationery, clothing, tableware... These items, some of which cannot be found elsewhere, are suited to all ages and budgets.

These items are available in the shops located at the pillar entrances and on the first and second floors.

As well as online :