for your information

Tickets sold online are in limited quantities.

In the event that online tickets are unavailable, tickets will still be on sale directly at the Eiffel Tower’s ticket offices

All visitors must be physically present to purchase their tickets.

Thank you for coming at the visitation hour that you’ve selected

If you are later than 30 minutes, access to the tower may be denied.

* In accordance with article L.121.20.4 of the Consumer's Code, tickets are not eligible for a refund. The purchase of a ticket is final and may not be retracted by the customer


To access the Eiffel Tower, you must present your electronic ticket (not just your reservation number, which will not be accepted):

Either printed legibly onto A4 paper

Including your name, first name, and information related to the chosen product, in particular the barcode and its number.

Or by displaying the barcode on your mobile phone.

Careful, some smartphones are not suited to this task

The Group will print their tickets onto A4 paper, or collect them at the Group desk.


2018 online sales will only open in a few weeks.


preparing your visit

Find all of the information you need to visit the Eiffel Tower and discover the most beautiful view over Paris – as a family, alone, or as a group.


opening times

The Eiffel Tower is open every single day of the year !

Morning or evening, summer or winter… anytime is a great time to come (back) and to (re)discover the Eiffel Tower and its view over Paris. Savour a different experience every time you go depending on the time of day or the season! The opening hours vary according to the time of year.


The Tower openes at 9:30 am. It welcomes the lasts visitors at 11:00 pm, and closes its doors at 11:45 pm.

Each friday and saturday of September, the Tower will welcomes you until midnight, and will closes its doors at 00h45 am.

From mid-June
to early
9:00 am to 12:45am
Last lift midnight
( 11 pm for the top)
9:00 am to 12:45 am
Last ascent midnight
The rest
of the year
9:30 am to 11:45 pm
Last lift 11:00 pm
(10:30 pm for the top)
9:30 am to 6:30 pm
Last ascent 6:00 pm


Tuesday 21 November 2017


Wednesday 22 November 2017


Thursday 23 November 2017


Friday 24 November 2017


Saturday 25 November 2017

  • • open

    9h30 - 23h00

  • • open

    9h30 - 23h00

  • • open

    9h30 - 23h00

  • • open

    9h30 - 23h00

  • • open

    9h30 - 23h00



  • +
  • 12° +
  • 15° +
  • 13° +
  • +

Cover yourself if you go up to the 3rd floor!

at the Tower
temperature : 11°
Wind : Low


Admission times
for groups

Last reservations to climb to the top are at 9:30 pm

Last reservations to climb to the 2nd floor are at 11 pm from mid-June to early September and at 10 pm during the rest of the year

*Special cases

During Easter weekend, spring vacation, long weekends in May and Ascension day weekend, opening hours are extended until midnight.
* warning, the last ascent takes place 45 minutes before the Tower closes.



All times indicated in this section may be modified without prior notice

Access to the top of the tower may be temporarily interrupted due to adverse weather conditions or due to visitor over congestion.

Special safety instructions

The historical nature of the Eiffel Tower, its layout and the very large numbers of visitors, means that special safety measures have to be taken to protect the visiting public. On exceptional occasions either all or a part of the parts open to the public may have to be closed and the contents of bags or packages checked. Oversized luggage as well as animals, with the exception of guide dogs, cannot be allowed into the tower. There are no luggage lockers.