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The floors : what you must see at the Eiffel Tower


As soon as you take that first step: that’s it, your climb has begun and the Tower is all yours. As you make your way up, you’ll see for yourself how the scenery seems to expand around you, the roofs of Paris start to appear and the monuments step out of the shadows of the Haussmanian buildings. And before you’ve even realised it, you’re already at the 1st floor where a lift is waiting to take you up the rest of the tower, unless you’re really not the adventurous type and that you’d prefer to just go up to the 2nd floor on foot. That way you‘ll be able to enjoy a journey which is every bit as spectacular as the destination !


  • At the top
  • On the 2nd floor
  • On the 1st floor
  • At ground level
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The really spectacular way up the Eiffel Tower is in the glass lifts which offer you a panoramic view over the extraordinary example of audacious architecture that this monument is.

At the end of the 180 metre trip to the top of the Tower you’ll be rewarded with a stunning view of Paris and its monuments.

Thanks to the two levels that form the top of the tower (one in the open air and the other under a roof), you can wonder around and enjoy the view just as much during the day as during the evening.

Gustave Eiffel’s officeGustave Eiffel’s office

At the top of the Tower explore Gustave Eiffel’s office which has been restored to its original condition.

With its very life like wax models, the scene depicts the Tower’s creator and his daughter Claire welcoming the famous American inventor, Thomas Edison. Among other things you can also see the gramophone which he presents to Gustave Eiffel as a gift.

The panoramic mapsThe panoramic maps

Using the panoramic maps which can be found at various points at the top of the Tower, you can locate your position and get an idea of the directions and distances to major world cities!

The silhouettes of the emblematic monuments of those cities are presented. For each monument the geographic location (country flag, name of the city) and the height of the building are mentioned.

A thin reference line indicates the height of the Eiffel Tower, for an easy comparison.


A model of the top floorA model of the top floor

Rediscover the original architecture of the top floor as it was in 1889 thanks to the 1/50th scale-model.




Measure yourself to the Eiffel TowerMeasure yourself to the Eiffel Tower

Measure yourself to the tower with the height gauge, giving the exact altitude.


The champagne bar at the top of the Eiffel TowerThe champagne bar

Enjoy a uniquely special moment at the champagne bar located at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Nestling into the very structure of the Tower, the bar offers you a choice of a glass of either rosé or white champagne, served as chilled as you like. What an elegant way to toast a sensational experience at the top of the Tower !

The bar is open daily from midday to 10 pm.

With its circular view over Paris, it’s the ideal floor from which to get some photos for the album. It’s also from here that you can take the lifts to get to the top of the Tower

Les boutiques de souvenirs du monumentLes boutiques de souvenirs

You can hang out it any one of the three souvenir shops. They all have a wide choice of postcards and souvenir items from the Eiffel Tower and Paris which you can either keep as a souvenir of your visit or give as a present to your friends.

The buffets on the monumentThe buffet

Feeling a little peckish ? For a quick bite to eat there’s a wide choice of dishes and drinks to choose from at the spacious and modern buffet. Why not try the many flavours of the macaroon bar? There are also other buffets on the ground and first floors.

The Jules Verne Restaurant for french gastronomic cuisineThe Jules Verne Restaurant

Treat yourself to some modern French gastronomic cuisine and a unique visual and culinary experience, all in an immaculate and classy setting.
There is private access to the Jules Verne restaurant from ground level via the south pillar.

Plancher transparentThe transparent floor

With its transparent floor and its new glass balustrades, the 1st floor offers you a brand-new experience and a breath-taking view.

Walk on the glass floor, 57m from the ground, and experience the unique sensation of stepping out into the void.

But you need have no fears: a non-slip treatment has been applied, with a transparency effect that increases gradually from the interior towards the central space and covering 1.85m at its largest.

Spectacle immersifAn immersion show

Projected onto 3 walls by 7 projectors, this immersion show will plunge you into the Eiffel Tower universe.

Find it in the Ferrié Pavilion.


Parcours culturelA new cultural path

Screens, touch screens, displays, digital albums, reproductions of items, etc. allow you to find out about all aspects of the Eiffel Tower, many little known.

Follow it along the outer passageway.



Parcours enfantsChildren tour "Follow Gus"

The little Gus character, dressed in the style of Gustave Eiffel, accompanies children on a fun and educational experience dedicated to children aged 6 to 10.

Equipped with a bilingual French-English booklet-game and a little pencil provided for them, young visitors learn a thousand aspects of the history of the Eiffel Tower, about its creator but also about the landscape of Paris seen from that level.

Signs bearing the Gus character guide children through each stage of the tour.


Sprial staircase sectionSpiral staircase section

Did you know that originally it was a spiral staircase which linked the second floor to the top? Gustave Eiffel would use it to reach the office that he‘d set up for himself! As it had become obsolete, the staircase was taken down in 1983.

Twenty sections were subsequently sold at auction for a very good price.

On the first floor of the Eiffel Tower, you can take a closer look at one of the remaining pieces of this historic staircase. It measures 4.30 metres in height.

Espace détenteServices and areas designed for relaxation

Places for rest and contemplation, restaurants, shops: facilities that invite you to enjoy a pleasant pause with stunning views of Paris.

Find it in the Ferrié Pavilion.


BoutiqueThe souvenir shop

In the Ferrié wing, opposite the Post Office, the shop has a nice book section, as well as a wide range of postcards, souvenir items, toys, t-shirts...


The 58 Tour Eiffel restaurantThe 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant

What with all these things to see you’ll probably work up quite an appetite! The 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant has a varied menu for you to enjoy a tasty meal in a delightful atmosphere.


BuffetThe buffet

Feeling a bit peckish? Or is it time for a bit of indulgence? You can grab a quick meal at the buffet in the Ferrié wing. There’s a pleasant patio on the south side where you can sit down for a well earned pause to your visit !


Salon Gustave EiffelThe Gustave Eiffel room

This reception room is set in a prime position on the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower with a breathtaking view over Paris and its most remarkable sites.

Rendered more breathtaking still by transparent facades (which can be covered with interior curtains), a 6.8-meter ceiling, state-of-the-art equipment, a modular stage and contemporary décor, the Gustave Eiffel Room is one of the most striking spaces for holding events in Paris.


The "groups and information" desk

Do you have a question about visiting the Eiffel Tower ?

There’s an information desk where you can pick up all sorts of useful leaflets about the Tower.

The "Groups" desk informs group tour organizers on the day of their visit on availability offered on last minute booking, in case of a lack of availability on the online booking system.

Both desks are located at the West pillar of the monument.


The souvenir shops

You’ll find shops on the forecourt, at the foot of the pillars, on the 1st and 2nd floors. The ideal opportunity to bring back a souvenir of your visit to Paris for friends, family or yourself.

The buffets

You can feel peckish at any time! For a quick bite to eat you’ll find buffets at the foot of the Eiffel Tower offering a variety of dishes and drinks. There are other buffets located on the 1st and 2nd floors.

Cash point services

If you need some cash you can go to either of the two cash dispensers located at the foot of the Tower.

They work in 4 languages, these dispensers accept the best known international cards as well as private cards.

They have also been designed so that blind people or those with impaired sight as well as the disabled and wheelchair users can take out money without needing assistance and in complete safety.

The 1899 lift machineryThe 1899 lift machinery

Did you know that machines which operate the Tower’s lifts are more than a century old? Of course they’ve been restored and computerised since but they are still in use !

These imposing hydraulic machines designed by Gustave Eiffel are located in the basement but are not open to the public, except on certain Heritage Days or for guided tours.

Gustave Eiffel sculpted by BourdelleGustave Eiffel sculpted by Bourdelle

In 1929, at the suggestion of Général Ferrié an application was submitted for a bust of Gustave Eiffel to be made.

Created by the sculptor Antoine Bourdelle (assisted by the architects Auguste Perret and André Granet), the bust was inaugurated on 2 May by the Secretary of State for postal and telecommunications services in the presence of a host of scientific personalities and members of the Eiffel family.

You can see this bust at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, at the corner of the North pillar.