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Not to be missed

There’s so much to see and do at the Eiffel Tower! Hidden within there are many a secret, and quite out of the ordinary, fun or even romantic places. Take a look of some of our suggestions and let your experience at the Tower be a moment quite unlike any other !


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1er etageThe new first floor

With its transparent floor and new installations, the 1st floor is now one of the most spectacular and attractive places in Paris.



Exploring paris from the 2nd floorExploring Paris from the 2nd floor

With a panoramic view over Paris, you couldn’t really find a better spot than the 2nd floor for taking some photos for the album.

It's also at this floor of the Tower that you take the lifts to get to the top.




The Eiffel Tower, in the eveningThe Eiffel Tower, in the evening

Right up until 11 in the evening you can scale the heights and admire Paris by night !

After sunset, the Eiffel tower sparkles and bathes in golden light to welcome its night time visitors and offers a breathtaking view of the Paris lights.



Champagne bar at the top of the Eiffel TowerChampagne at the top

Feel like doing something a little bit chic and original ? Well in that case stop off for a moment at the champagne bar on the top floor to enjoy a unique festive experience.

Nestling into the very structure of the Tower, the bar offers you a choice of a glass of either rosé or white champagne, served as chilled as you like. What an elegant way to toast a sensational experience at the top of the Tower !

The bar is open daily from midday to 10 pm.



visiting the Eiffel Tower by choosing to take the stairsWhy not on foot ?

Try another way of visiting the Eiffel Tower by choosing to take the stairs from the bottom to the 2nd floor. Wander around the centre of the Tower’s metallic structure at your own pace knowing that on reaching the top you can proudly say you’ve climbed 704 steps.

And for the less sporty among you, you can choose to come down the tower on foot! The walk is more relaxing but every bit as magnificent.



The restaurants on the Eiffel TowerA chic picnic on the 1st floor

Why not treat yourself to a quick chic but no frills pick nick at the 58 TOUR EIFFEL restaurant where you can enjoy a spot of lunch high in the sky with Paris at your feet. Formula(without a reservationtickettoclimb not included)from 22.50-children's menufrom 14 €.