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Tickets sold online are in limited quantities.

In the event that online tickets are unavailable, tickets will still be on sale directly at the Eiffel Tower’s ticket offices

All visitors must be physically present to purchase their tickets.

Thank you for coming at the visitation hour that you’ve selected

If you are later than 30 minutes, access to the tower may be denied.

* In accordance with article L.121.20.4 of the Consumer's Code, tickets are not eligible for a refund. The purchase of a ticket is final and may not be retracted by the customer


To access the Eiffel Tower, you must present your electronic ticket (not just your reservation number, which will not be accepted):

Either printed legibly onto A4 paper

Including your name, first name, and information related to the chosen product, in particular the barcode and its number.

Or by displaying the barcode on your mobile phone.

Careful, some smartphones are not suited to this task

The Group will print their tickets onto A4 paper, or collect them at the Group desk.


2018 online sales will only open in a few weeks.


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The new 1st floor

With its transparent floor and new installations, the 1st floor is now one of the most spectacular and attractive places in Paris.

Experience a spectacular view down!

With its transparent floor and its glass balustrades, the 1st floor offers you a great experience and a breath-taking view.

Walk on the glass floor, 57m from the ground, and experience the unique sensation of stepping out into the void.

But you need have no fears: a non-slip treatment has been applied, with a transparency effect that increases gradually from the interior towards the central space and covering 1.85m at its largest.


Facilities to excite, stroll around and learn

An immersion show

Projected onto 3 walls by 7 projectors, this immersion show will plunge you into the Eiffel Tower universe.
Find it in the Ferrié Pavilion.

A cultural path

Screens, touch screens, displays, digital albums, reproductions of items, etc. allow you to find out about all aspects of the Eiffel Tower, many little known.
Follow it along the outer passageway.

Services and areas designed for relaxation

Places for rest and contemplation, restaurants, shops: facilities that invite you to enjoy a pleasant pause with stunning views of Paris.
Find it in the Ferrié Pavilion.

Plan of the 1st floor

And for professionals

The Gustave Eiffel Room awaits you to accommodate your professional events. To find out more


Another way to experience the Tower Video

The 1st floor is now one of the most spectacular and attractive places in Paris, thanks to an architecture of diagonals and transparency, a spectacular view of the void, a reworked cultural path and several areas for rest and contemplation.


Renovation at the service of accessibility

The renovation of the Eiffel Tower's 1st floor has been designed with an exemplary approach as to accessibility, so that every visitor can enjoy the best possible conditions for exploring the monument:

  • Obstacles eliminated
  • Suitable lighting
  • Non-slip floor treatment
  • Lifts and ramp
  • Museography adapted for visually-impaired people

Procedures for the visit


An exemplary sustainable development approach

Although there is no "High Environmental Quality" benchmark for the Eiffel Tower, one of the principal goals of the first floor's renovation responded to a strong wish to reduce its ecological footprint in the context of the City of Paris Climate Plan.

  • Heat gains reduced by more than 25% in summer
  • LEDlighting
  • Equipped with solar panels
  • Rainwater collection system
  • Powerfulheat pumps
  • 2 wind turbines are being installed, to generate 10,000 kWh a year
An outstanding renovation project

Over 2 years of work during which the Tower remained open to the public!

  • 4,586 m² redeveloped, out of the floor's 5420 m².
  • Work carried out 57 metres above the city
  • A 141 m2, lifting platform with a capacity of 9 tonnes
  • € 30M excluding taxes: the total cost of the renovation, including fees, entirely funded by SETE (Société d'Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel: the Eiffel Tower Operating Company).
  • An "influenced" architecture designed entirely in diagonals and transparency by architects Moatti –Rivière
  • The last major renovation operation for the Eiffel Tower was carried out almost 30 years ago

The first floor over the years


Copyrights: © SETE – BATEG - Dominique Thoquet(picture of "The renovation project") ; © SETE – Emeric Livinec (other pictures)


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