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Are there guided tours? Without a prior booking?

There are behind-the-scenes guided tours of the Eiffel Tower by two companies whose names addresses and descriptions are given below. Booking is required:


Visit the Eiffel tower as you have never visited it before!
With your tour guide, penetrate the old bunker under le Champ-de-Mars, enter the engine room where the you can see the original machines which still operate the lifts and discover a breathtaking 360° panoramic view of the capital 120 m above ground. All the strangest aspects of the Eiffel Tower's history are recounted during this exclusive tour, from the initial projects to the challenges of erecting it, its reconversion by Gustave Eiffel to the events which have marked its two centuries of history.


Email: [email protected]
Web: www.cultival.fr
Tel: 0 825 05 44 05 (€0.15/mins)

VISITES SPECTACLES : Theatrical tours 

The Eiffel Tower romance

1932 : a young American girl and a handsome pilot fall head over heels in love on the Eiffel Tower...

2013 : Lemony, the heroine is celebrating her 100th birthday with her adventurer of a husband at the Jules Vernes, the famous restaurant on the 2nd floor of the Tower !

This is the fantastic story of love and adventure intimately connected with the Eiffel Tower which you will watch during the theatrical tour. The actor will take you on a wonderful trip across time and emotion where you will be both the spectator and actor.

This theatrical tour is a novel way for you to discover the hidden aspects of the Eiffel Tower, culminating at the top of this magical place
Child or adult your astonished eyes will open before the Eiffel Tower like a stage curtain: let the Theatrical Tour begin!

Information and bookings:

Online: www.visites-spectacles.com
Tel.: +33(0)1 48 58 37 12

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