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European Heritage Days at the Eiffel Tower

Tuesday 6 September 2011

Modified the 19/06/18

Discover the monument’s site to renovate one of its historical elevators, the only heritage site of its kind in the world.

During the European Heritage days, discover the renovation work of one of the historic lift with a 50m² photography fresco and a visit of the site.

On the ground floor under the Tower, a giant photography fresco

Have a look at the 200 photography of some of the most spectacular steps of the renovation works!

Demonstrating the technical prowess of Gustave Eiffel's time, the Eiffel Tower's two historic elevators (located in the East and West pillars) are a stunning historical site, with mechanical features that have no equivalent anywhere else in the world. In continuous operation since 1899, they must now be renovated and modernised to adapt the over a century old machinery to current regulations.

Work on the West elevator began in October 2008, without the Eiffel Tower ever closing its doors to the public, and will finish in 2012. The site is huge, complex and requires extraordinary logistical and operational methods to be designed. For over 3 years a team of 45 people representing different trades have been working on this exceptional site.

Come behind the scene and visit the site open to the public specially for European Heritage days!

Staff members of the Eiffel Tower will be there to give any relevant additional information to those who will come and discover this unique site.

Free admission. Open to the public from 10 AM to 6 PM, West pillar of the Eiffel Tower.

Official website of the European Heritage Days

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