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Exhibition at the 58 Tour Eiffel

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Modified the 28/10/17

From April 24 to June 24 2013, the clients of the 58 TOUR EIFFEL restaurant located on the 1st floor will discover the “Paris me” painting exhibition from Marcella & Pépée.

affiche paris me tour eiffel - 01


Marcella is a writer, Pépée is an illustrator.

Both artists are in love with Paris and make their own witty interpretation of its universal symbol, the Eiffel Tower with their concept of “Paris me”.

Marcella & Pépée give their own reinvented colourful poetic version of the Iron Lady!

parisme 1

parisme 2

parisme 3


© texts : marcella - illustrations : pépée

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09:00 - 00:45

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Take Paris’ most spectacular ride to the top for €25 or less (€25 for adult ticket with access to top by stairs)