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National week celebrating local public firms

Wednesday 19 May 2010

Modified the 03/12/18

From 19 to 26 May 2010 !

During the week from May 19-26, 2010, the 15 local public firms of the City of Paris, as well as numerous others all over France, will open their doors to the public to promote their operations at the service of the general public. Discover these enterprises that maintain a lower profile than most, while overseeing facilities supplying our daily lives : from urban/regional development, property management, water or energy resources, transportation systems, or even culture, leisure and tourist attractions!
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For the occasion of the national week celebrating local public firms, a special quiz-contest has been created. 100 winners, drawn from among the participants who answer the questions correctly, will be the privileged ones to go on a behind-the-scenes visit of the monument.

The guided tour will take you into the machine room that controls the elevators, then explore the technical galleries, admire the marvellous views from special vantage points and discover the history behind this celebrated French monument.

"Take your chance " !

What is a local public firm (Entreprise Publique Locale) ?

Created by city or regional communities to better handle the operations, a public company serves the local community, while the local authority is the majority shareholder and quite often the client of the company.

The City of Paris chose to handle the operation of the Eiffel Tower in this way. The SETE (Société d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel) has this mission until 2015: to handle the Tower visits and the associated services, including the maintenance of the monument and its structure as well as the many programs of modernization.

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