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Wednesday 12 December 2007

Modified the 25/10/17

An Arctic Winter on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower from December 19, 2007 to March 9, 2008.


The Eiffel Tower, in collaboration with Le Cercle Polaire1, invites you to "Visit the Arctic Regions" :

  • a photo expedition into the heart of the Arctic and Antarctic, meet the 21st century Inuit and discover the polar fauna,
  • put on snowshoes for a trekking at 57 meters above Paris to January 31, 2008
  • and stop in at the Umiak bar for a frozen treat right here in the Capital !

A visit to the Arctic regions during this first winter season of the International Polar Year 2007-20082...

This outdoor exhibit “Visit the Arctic Regions” - installation and concept by the association Le Cercle Polaire - presents 80 photographs and their commentaries : actu_2007_pole_02

  • the life of the people living at the North Pole in the 21st century, the Inuit
  • an initiation into the diversity and fragility of the fauna in the polar regions for Tower visitors
  • and a selection of short films that shed light on the work of scientists in those regions and their outposts observing global warming.

Thirty photos by Xavier Desmier show the Inuit daily life at the dawn of the 21st century. In just 50 years, they have quite naturally created a new cultural balance between ancestral traditions and modern life. Today their great enemy is melting icebergs.


...put your snowshoes on.

Following the random trail of animal tracks, visitors can walk around the outer first floor covered in a thick layer of snow: a 300-meter walk for an initiation to snowshoe trekking, with Paris as the backdrop.



These genuine snowshoes3 available for big and small, will allow visitors to go on an unusual exploration of the native species of the Arctic and Antarctic: bears, narwhals, reindeer, snow geese, penguins, snow petrels, albatross…Immortalized in the large-format photos portraying animals captured on camera during numerous expeditions to the arctic regions, this fauna is endangered by global warming.

At 57 meters above Paris, icy thrills are guaranteed at Umiak4, a polar bar on the Eiffel Tower !

Looking over the Champ de Mars, an ice-covered bar will welcome "trekkers" into its polar décor: life-size arctic animal sculptures (seals, polar foxes, guillemot…) and mannequins displaying traditional costumes made by Inuit. An unusual stopover for a drink, day or night.


1 The association Le Cercle Polaire ( ) aims at presenting the authentic scientific culture of the Arctic and Antarctic zones, trying to move forward the preservation of these lands. Le Cercel Polaire is sponsored by the national research institute CNRS, the Paul-Emile Victor Polar Institute and the French National Commission for UNESCO.

2 60 countries are collaborating on 210 international projects doing research in the polar regions ( )

3 (snowshoes in all sizes (4 years and up) free of charge for visitors)

4 Umiak is the name of an Inuit canoe.

Practical Information

The Eiffel Tower is open 7 days a week, 9:30am to 11:45pm. Elevators to the 1st floor : Adults: 4.50€/Children -12 years: 2.30€ (last elevator up is at 11pm) Stairs to 1st or 2nd floors are open from 9:30am to 6pm: 4€ For those -25 years: 3.10€. Children -3 years are free. Exhibit and snowshoes are free of charge.

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