Small Eiffel Towers as christmas tree decorations

Shopping: our Christmas gift ideas

Monday 13 December 2021

Modified the 27/05/22

Why not make the most of your trip to the Eiffel Tower and find some unique gifts for under the tree?

The official Eiffel Tower stores offer a wide range of original gifts in every price range, for everyone. Pop a souvenir (or two, or three...) under the tree!

The must-haves, made in France and only at the Eiffel Tower

First up is our selection of official products featuring the Eiffel Tower brand, on sale exclusively at the Tower. Don’t miss them – these classic souvenirs and stationery are sure to delight all fans of the Iron Lady, young and old. These products are made in France.  

•    Classic yet superb snow globe (3 versions: copper, gold and silver): €10.99
•    Miniature Eiffel Tower: 13 cm for €9, 17 cm for €14, 19 cm for €18 and 35 cm for €45 
•    Strikingly elegant stationery: A6 red notebook for €11.95, A5 blue notebook for €17.95 and blue folder for €8.95

Produits dérivés officiels de la tour Eiffel

New! French creators arrive at the Tower

The Line 
The Line was created by a cabinetmaker from Marseille. The brand offers stunning wall decorations in the form of a laser-cut metal outline of the silhouette of your favorite city, mountain range or song. Minimalist and poetic. You can pick up a “Paris” model in the Eiffel Tower’s 1st floor store, either 50 cm (black €29; gold €39) or 15 cm (black €15.90) long.

Produits The Line Paris


Marianne Guedin
Marianne Guedin acquired traditional expertise at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and her creations embody the French art of living, while retaining an unusual style and personality. The small, 37.5 cl Eiffel Tower carafe will brighten your holiday table.
Available in the 1st-floor Eiffel Tower store – €80


More stunning products available in the 1st-floor store (located in Ferrié Pavilion), especially for the festive season, from Déjà-Vu (decorative items and brooches), Toit de Paris (decorative screen-print items, made from pieces of Parisian zinc roofs) and Vanessa Mitrani (stylish glass creations).


Tour Eiffel miniature à suspendre à l'arbre de Noël
To decorate your Christmas tree “à la parisienne”, grab some little Eiffel Tower ornaments! (Available in midnight blue, red, white, black, orange and gold – €7.99)

Beautiful books

130 years of the Eiffel Tower
Published in 2019 by Editions de La Martinière for the Eiffel Tower’s 130th anniversary, the gorgeous book titled “The Eiffel Tower - Timeless Monument” offers a generously illustrated dive into the world of the Eiffel Tower, from construction to present day.
Available in the official Eiffel Tower stores and online – €29

Livre des 130 ans de la tour Eiffel


The beautiful Taschen book
Calling all fans of the history of the Eiffel Tower, this book is made for you! “Eiffel Tower” is based on a limited-edition work recreating Gustave Eiffel’s “The 300-meter Tower”. Marvel at the sketches, photographs and other historical documents retracing the Iron Lady’s entire construction process.
Only available in the Eiffel Tower’s 1st floor store – €30

A delicious and refined gift

Why not treat yourself or your loved ones to a few delectable products and make your experience of visiting the Eiffel Tower last a little longer? The macarons from Maison Pierre Hermé Paris have arrived and, in addition to ten or so all-time favorites, two chocolate-based flavors created by Pierre Hermé exclusively for the Eiffel Tower await you: Jardin de la Tour Eiffel (“Eiffel Tower Garden” – fresh mint-chocolate – €3 each) and Jardin sur la Seine (“Seine Garden” – raspberry-chocolate – €2.50 each). 
Available in the 2nd-floor macaron bar and 1st-floor cafe for purchase individually or as an assortment (collector’s boxes available from €21).
A collector’s box of four macarons is also available in the champagne bar at the Top (€15).

Macarons Pierre Paris et Tour Eiffel


But also... the gift for collectors
A numbered, limited-edition, historic rivet, made with iron from the Eiffel Tower itself! A unique item, perfect for collectors and fans of the Eiffel Tower.
Exclusively available online

Rivet historique de la tour Eiffel


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