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The restaurants

The Eiffel Tower can offer its visitors the most breathtaking tables in Paris: where vistors will be entertained with a feast for their eyes as well as for their taste buds. With its different restaurants, the Tower has got it covered if you’re looking for something to eat, from the simple snack to the finest French cuisine.


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The 58 Tour Eiffel restaurantLe 58 tour Eiffel

Pick-nick lunch or classy dinner? Come an savour an out of this world experience in the new restaurant located on the 1st floor: le 58 tour Eiffel.It offers a cuisine which is both simple and tasty in a friendly atmosphere.

The Jules Verne restaurant for french gastronomic cuisineLe Jules Verne

The restaurant with the last word in Paris on modern French fine cuisine.
Be prepared for a few surprises from some exceptional cuisine rich in unique flavours and the finest of delicacies, all in a designer setting and immaculate atmosphere. Enough to call all your taste buds to attention ready for an unforgettable experience.

The Champagne BarChampagne bar

Nestling into the very structure of the Tower, the bar offers you a choice of a glass of either rosé or white champagne, served as chilled as you like.
What an elegant way to toast a sensational experience at the top of the Tower !
The bar is open daily from midday to 5:15 pm and from 6:15 pm to 10:45 pm.

The buffets on the monumentBuffets

The Tower has several spacious buffets which are open at all hours if it’s just a little snack you’re after: snacks, sandwichs and drinks which you can have either inside or outside. The ideal place for a little bit of self-indulgence.

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Finding a restaurant at Eiffel Tower

The menus, the restaurants, reserving a table

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Food lovers meet on the first floor

resto-histoire-01For the Universal Exhibition of 1889, four majestic wooden pavilions designed by Stephen Sauvestre decked the platform on the first floor. Each restaurant could seat 500 persons. The kitchens were located under the platform, relying on gas lights, until 1900.

  • River Seine West side : A bar dubbed “Flamand” offered Alsatian cooking and the waitresses wore regional clothing. It was then transformed into a very popular theater. During the Exhibition of 1900, it did become a short-lived restaurant again, this time with a Dutch touch. The theatre resumed its activities up until war broke out in 1914.
  • Between the East and North pillars : A typical Russian restaurant welcomed visitors.
  • Champ-de-Mars East side : Visitors were offered French fare at Brébant, considered a chic restaurant.

These four establishments were demolished for the International Exposition in 1937, which led to a complete overhaul of the Tower's first floor. Only two restaurants were built, one where last stood the Russian restaurant and the other filled the spot held by the previous Dutch restaurant. Architect Auguste Granet, who married the grand-daughter of Gustave Eiffel, headed the 1930s-style construction.

resto-histoire-07In the beginning of the 80s, these restaurants were replaced when the Tower underwent major renovations.

The "La Belleomp France" and "Le Parisien" became the two restaurants on the Eiffel Tower not to be missed. In 1996, they formed one huge brasserie decorated by Slavik & Loup under the theme of hot-air balloons, paying homage to the view. It was named Altitude 95, referring to the fact that it is located 95 meters above sea level.

After a complete refit at the end of 2008, the restaurant reopened to the public at the beginning of 2009 : the 58 TOUR EIFFEL said hello to its first customers. During the day, it’s chic pick-nicks in the Paris sky! And the evening, a one to one romantic dinner with the City of Light. Refined dishes, an intimate atmosphere, an outsranding decor and a warm welcome: all the ingredients you need for a restaurant that lives up to your every expectation !

Gourmet cuisine 125 meters above the capital

resto-histoire-08By 1983, the construction of the Jules Verne restaurant on the second floor was finished, paying homage to the literary master and spokesperson of scientific and industrial progress inspiring everyone’s lives. Chef Alain Reix oversaw the kitchens, and customers had privileged access via the South pillar elevator reserved exclusively for use by the restaurant.

On December 22, 2007, following four months of renovations - the Jules Verne was redesigned by Patrick Jouin - it opened its doors to the public, with the renowned Alain Ducasse helming the cuisine.