1st floor

The 1st floor is one of the most spectacular and attractive locations in Paris thanks to its oblique, transparent architecture and experience of the breath-taking drop.

Set off and explore the history of the Eiffel Tower, feel the thrill of the glass floor, and see Paris sprawl away beneath your feet...

1st Floor Attractions

Tour Eiffel Kids

A new fun and interactive tour for children

Discover the new free tour for children on the 1st floor. Two characters, Tom and Elia, will help young visitors learn about the Eiffel Tower while having fun. The interactive tour offers more knowledge about the Tower, its history, and its design through anecdotes, bizarre facts, surprising exploits, and much more! Visitors young and old can add more fun to their visit through QR code extras!

Download and print the visit materials in advance

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Services and areas designed for relaxation

Take a break after your visit in the upper levels

Places for rest and contemplation, restaurants, shops: facilities that invite you to enjoy a pleasant break with stunning views of Paris.

Find it on the large terrace and in the Ferrié Pavilion.

A new cultural path

Screens, touch screens, displays, digital albums, reproductions of items, etc. allow you to find out about all aspects of the Eiffel Tower, many little known.

Follow it along the outer passageway.

Spiral staircase section

A historical piece

Did you know that originally it was a spiral staircase which linked the second floor to the top? Gustave Eiffel would use it to reach the office that he‘d set up for himself! As it had become obsolete, the staircase was taken down in 1983.

Twenty sections were subsequently sold at auction for a very good price.

On the first floor of the Eiffel Tower, you can take a closer look at one of the remaining pieces of this historic staircase. It measures 4.30 meters in height.

Discover it along the outer passageway.