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You will find thereafter all the necessary information and contacts details in order to organize your visits at the Eiffel Tower.

Buy your tickets online, in advance

As a teacher, you need to be able to schedule your visits in advance.  

Our ticketing website dedicated to schools enable you to purchase tickets with a reservation of date and time of visit and to benefit from the school groups conditions. 

The school groups conditions are only available online, for a visit by lift and for authorised schools accounts ( A written confirmation from the head of school will be required).

General Terms of Sale and Visit regulations.

The purchase of tickets in advance is only possible for now to visits with access by lift.

We invite your head of school to proceed with the account opening request for your school on our ticketing website in order to be able, once your account confirmed, to buy your time-stamped tickets for your school groups, according to our availabilities.

Please note : The stairs tickets can only be bought from the Monument’s tickets offices at the individual rate and for an immediate access, with your group in attendance.

Ticket Prices

The access to the ticketing website requires the creation of an account and the signing of a contract ; The access to the school group rate is submitted to the online availability and to the presentation of a confirmation from the head of school.
Adult Rate School group rate aged 12-24 (10 or more students) (1) School group rate aged 11 and under (10 or more students) (2)
Ticket for 2nd floor by lift 18,10€ 9,00€ 4,50€
Ticket to the top by lift 28,30€ 14,10€ 7,10€
Year Round
Billet 2ème étage par ascenseur
Adult Rate 18,10€
School group rate aged 12-24 (10 or more students) (1) 9,00€
School group rate aged 11 and under (10 or more students) (2) 4,50€
Year Round
Ticket to the top by lift
Adult Rate 28,30€
School group rate aged 12-24 (10 or more students) (1) 14,10€
School group rate aged 11 and under (10 or more students) (2) 7,10€

(1)    12-24 years old School group rate : 1 free ticket every 10 tickets bought. The presentation of a proof of age may be requested.
(2)    Up to 11 years old School group rate: 1 free ticket every 7 tickets bought. The presentation of a proof of age may be requested.

Adult Rate Youth Rate (12-24 ans) (1) Child Rate (aged 4-11) (1) Child under 4 Rate (aged under 4) (1)
Ticket for 2nd floor by stairs 11,30€ 5,60€ 2,80€ Free
Ticket to top by stairs & lift 21,50€ 10,70€ 5,40€ Free
Year Round
Ticket for 2nd floor by stairs
Adult Rate 11,30€
Youth Rate (1) (aged 12-24) 5,60€
Child Rate (aged 4-11) 2,80€
Child under 4 Rate (aged under 4) (1) Free
Year Round
Ticket to top by stairs & lift
Adult Rate 21,50€
Youth Rate (1) (aged 12-24) 10,70€
Child Rate (aged 4-11) 5,40€
Child under 4 Rate (aged under 4) (1) Free

No booking required to visit the tower by the stairs (stairway tickets).
Tickets are issued at the Eiffel Tower ticket office, for immediate use.

(1)    The presentation of a proof of age may be requested.
(2)    Child under 4 : The presentation of a proof of age may be requested. Children under 4 must be in possession of a free ticket. Their accompanying persons pay the adult individual fare. 
PLEASE NOTE: the top of the tower and the stairways are not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

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Additional services

Good to know
The Eiffel Tower does not have a picnic area. If you are a little hungry, you can eat at the buffets, bars and restaurants at all levels and for all budgets! A reasonable amount of food and drink is allowed (left to the discretion of the reception staff) but please note that glass bottles, metal cans and cutlery (knives, forks, spoons) are not allowed inside the monument.
We recommend you to check our visiting rules to find out what items are prohibited.

  • La vente à emporter
    The Take-away

    For a quick and tasty break, head to the takeaway food shops on the esplanade. A wide choice of sweet and salty dishes, together with a cold or hot drink, is available. Ideal for making sure you don't miss out on the Eiffel Tower experience, enjoy a meal on the go whenever you like, while taking in an unrivalled view of Paris!

  • Les buffets
    The buffets

    The buffets offer you a moment of relaxation at any time during your visit, on the 2nd, 1st and on the esplanade and will complete your visit. In spacious and comfortable places, various food points are available with a vast choice of salty or sweet dishes that will satisfy everyone!  

  • Boutiques

    Throughout your visit, you will find many shops and you will be able to indulge yourself with an exceptional souvenir on the theme of Paris and the Eiffel Tower. Perfect to keep in memory your exceptional day spent next to the Iron Lady! Souvenir shops are available from the esplanade to the 2nd floor. Don't miss the largest one on the 1st floor, inside the Ferrié pavilion.

Your visits

There are 2 entrances in the gardens to reach the Eiffel Tower’s esplanade: the entrance 1 (South) and the entrance 2 (East), which does give you a chance to explore the recently landscaped gardens. You will pass through the first security checks at these entrances. Tip: to save some time, please prefer the entrance 2 (East) in the gardens, which is often less crowded.

In order to access the elevator, after the security check, please go with your clients and e-tickets to the EAST or WEST pillar. The group will need to have the tickets legibly printed (1 ticket per page) on A4 format, with the complete barcode (not reduced).

Access the « visitors with tickets » entrance, marked with a green flag, at the latest at the time indicated on the ticket to get to the ticket check point. The access to this point is granted in the order of arrival of the whole group in possession of a ticket for the current time slot.

Because of the Eiffel Tower structure, visits need to start by the highest level. On the way down, we recommend you to visit the lower floors, giving you the opportunity to benefit from historical and cultural contents on our Monument. The 1st floor in particular will allow you to discover our glass floor as well as the cultural path, the children’s itinerary “Tour Eiffel Kid” and a large souvenir shop.

Fiches pedagogiques

Learning materials are available for all primary school classes and subjects. These documents provide historical info as well as exercises relating to the Eiffel Tower (the life and work of Gustave Eiffel, the World’s Fair, building the monument, the Tower and the advent of telecommunications, the Tower and art, etc.).

The exercises provided in the learning materials are suitable for the subjects studied in primary school:

French/Maths/History, and Geography

Download learning materials

Customer services

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