The Eiffel Tower is a great family day out, sure to fill the whole family’s eyes with wonder.
Ticket Prices
Adults Young people Young people aged 12-24 Concessionary rates Kids (aged 4-11) Disabled people(1)
Tickets for lift (up to 2nd floor) 16€ 8€ 4€
Ticket to the top by lifts 25€ 12.50€ 6.30€
2nd floor ticket by stairs 10€ 5€ 2.50€
Ticket to the top by stairs & lift 19€ 9.50€ 4.80€
Year Round
Tickets for lift (up to 2nd floor)
Adults 16€
jusqu'à 11 ans (1) 8€
12-24 ans (2) 4€
Year Round
Ticket to the top by lifts
Adults 25€
jusqu'à 11 ans (1) 12.50€
12-24 ans (2) 6.30€
Year Round
2nd floor ticket by stairs
Adults 10€
jusqu'à 11 ans (1) 5€
12-24 ans (2) 2.50€
Year Round
Ticket to the top by stairs & lift
Adults 19€
jusqu'à 11 ans (1) 9.50€
12-24 ans (2) 4.80€
*(may be subject to change)
(1) Upon presentation of supporting documents.

Kids aged 4 and under go free at the Eiffel Tower, but they must be in possession of a free ticket, available when buying tickets online or at the Tower.Their guardians pay the standard adult or 12-24 rate.

Please note

Children aged 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. The top of the tower and the stairways are not suitable for people with reduced mobility, especially during emergency evacuations.

Group visits

Make sure you don’t miss the Follow Gus tour, a fun and educational experience for kids aged 6-10.
Take the lift or stairs to the first floor and get an activity book and pencil from the Ferrié pavilion.

Follow Gus

The free tour can be followed at will: just follow the signs with Gus on them! What colour was the Tower when it opened? How often is it repainted? What is the name of the river that runs by the feet of the Eiffel Tower? Who doesn’t work in the Eiffel Tower? There are 27 questions for you to answer!

Our little mascot Gus, dressed just like Gustave Eiffel himself, guide the kids around the Tower.

With their free bilingual French/English activity book and pencil, young visitors can learn all there is to know about the Eiffel Tower, the man who built it, and the Parisian landscape as seen from the first floor.

Just follow the signs with Gus on them… he’ll keep you right.

Download activity book


All throughout your visit to the Eiffel Tower, catering options are available for the whole family and any budget. The Esplanade Buffets sell sweet and savoury snacks.

  • The 58 tour Eiffel

    On the first floor, 58 tour Eiffel is open for lunch or dinner, with family meals prepared by chef Alain Soulard. For lunch, he chic picnic deal is perfect for kids. Come evening, 58 Tour Eiffel becomes an elegant brasserie.Kids’ menus for children aged 12 and under are available for lunch and dinner.

    Book your table at 58 Tour Eiffel

  • The buffets

    If you fancy a quick snack, try the buffet, a comfortable space with incredible views over Paris. For the whole family.

  • Macaroon Bar

    On the second floor, be sure to visit the macaroon bar Foodies little and large will love it! A large buffet also provides sweet and savoury snacks.

  • Champagne Bar

    To top it all off (literally... it’s a the top), the Champagne Bar also sells fruit drinks for the whole family

Information about the restaurant and dining:
when calling from France,
when calling from abroad.