Summer terrace 330M

The 2022 summer terrace celebrates the 1,083-foot Tower

Friday 27 May 2022

Modified the 27/05/22

Are you looking for a unique, lovely rooftop bar in the City of Lights? Look no further than the First Floor of the most magnificent symbol of Paris!

Our visitors can now enjoy the pop-up terrace on the First Floor of the Eiffel Tower. For 2022, the terrace has been designed around the theme of the Tower’s new height of 1,083 feet, which it reached on 15 March with the installation of a new digital radio antenna. 

It’s a lovely, airy place to sit, eat and relax with family or friends and at the same time, learn more about the history of the Tower’s various growth spurts and this symbolic new era!

The 1,083 feet recounted on a mural

All the terrace’s take-away stands are decorated with a mural telling the story of how the Tower has grown over its 133 years.
The area is delightfully decorated with plants for a Mediterranean mood, with oleanders, small olive trees and palms - you will feel transported to the South of France!  Choose between chairs, pouffes, couches, armchairs, or even swings to relax and enjoy the view over Paris, at 187 feet of altitude.

What to eat? What to drink?

Visitors will be able to enjoy pepperoni or margarita pizzas, a delicious, typically Southern pan bagnat sandwich, or an afternoon snack of a delicious, artisanal, made-in-France ice cream or granita. As for drinks, as well as classic hot and cold drinks, the bar offers a signature cocktail called 330, as a tribute to the new height of the Tower in meters.
On the terrace and in the nearby bistro located in Ferrié Pavilion, you can choose from a range of sandwiches, pan bagnats and sweet and savory snacks, for a well-deserved break after visiting the upper levels of the Tower. 
And you might be interested to know that all the ingredients used for our sandwiches come from France, and some even from the Ile-de-France region: Parisian ham, Ile-de-France vegetables and lettuce, Brie de Meaux, Rosette de Lyon, French flour for the bread, French chicken and turkey, etc....

Opening hours:

The Ferrié Pavilion bistro is open from 9.30 am to 8 pm.
The bar, ice cream kiosk and pizza stand are open from 12 pm to 11.45 pm.
The Eiffel Tower’s take-away food options (except for ice cream and pizza) are also available at the buffet on the lower Second Floor and on the esplanade.

Price examples:

Pizza from €5 a slice, €15 for a whole pizza
Pan bagnats (tuna or pastrami): €9.50
Paninis and croque-monsieurs: €8
Hot-dogs: €7
Thierry Marx Bakery pastries from €3.50
Crepes and waffles: from €4


Good to know
The first floor is accessible to all visitors who have purchased a ticket to go up the Tower, whether by elevator (when coming back down) or by the stairs (when going up or coming down). If you mainly want to enjoy the summer terrace for after-work drinks, the best value ticket is the Second Floor stair-access ticket: €5.40 (price for 12-24 year-olds) and €10.70 (adult price). This ticket is sold online and at the ticket office, and grants you access to the First and Second Floors via the stairs.
Purchase your Eiffel Tower tickets online

Summer terrace 2022
© SETE / Fabrice Gaboriau

Summer terrace 2022
© SETE / Fabrice Gaboriau

Summer terrace 2022
© SETE / Fabrice Gaboriau

Summer terrace 2022
© SETE / Fabrice Gaboriau

Summer terrace 2022
© SETE / Fabrice Gaboriau

Summer terrace 2022
© SETE / Fabrice Gaboriau

Summer terrace 2022

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