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Monday 18 July 2022

Modified the 09/08/22

From luggage to strollers and photos with your smartphone, this guide provides all the tips and instructions you need to stay safe and enjoy your visit.

This article is taken from the visit regulations, which can be found here in their entirety and must be read prior to your visit. The tips and instructions below will help you plan your visit and enjoy the entire visitor itinerary without any problems. They will also help you better understand the safety issues specific to this exceptional monument to ensure everyone’s safety. 

Understanding security checks at the Eiffel Tower

As is the case for all French facilities open to the public, the Eiffel Tower has implemented a strict security system and checks, which are reinforced by the national “Vigipirate” plan (currently the “increased security – risk of attack” level). All visitors, whether they bought their tickets in advance or want to buy them on site, must undergo two security check steps: the first occurs at the entrance to the site and the second prior to entering the pillar to take the elevator or stairs.
Please note that several objects are prohibited inside the Eiffel Tower for safety reasons. This includes “any object that poses a risk to the safety of people, the facilities or the monument.” Please carefully consider the contents of your bags. Be sure to avoid bringing small items like a Swiss army knife, since it is considered a weapon and will not be allowed. You will not be able to enter with this type of object. Please note that our security teams cannot make any exceptions in this area or store any restricted items during your visit.

See Articles 16, 23, 24 and 25 of the visit regulations


Watch the size of your bags and luggage

Many visitors want to make the most of their last moments in Paris, which is understandable. You may want to visit the Eiffel Tower on the day of your departure. However, please keep in mind that for safety reasons and to ensure a pleasant visit, we cannot accept large luggage in the tower. There are no luggage lockers, storage or cloakrooms in or near the Eiffel Tower. A luggage sizer indicating the maximum size is available for visitors at the security checks prior to entering the monument. Any luggage exceeding this size will not be accepted. We therefore advise travelers to make arrangements to have their luggage stored elsewhere (luggage storage at the train station or hotel) before coming to the Eiffel Tower.
See article 16 of the visit regulations.

Non-folding strollers, scooters and bicycles cannot be accepted

Visiting the Eiffel Tower as a family is a wonderful experience: children of all ages are amazed by this impressive tower, the facilities and views of Paris! We do our best to accommodate families and their children. Children under 4 are our guests: their tickets are free! Strollers for little ones are of course accepted, but please keep in mind that in order to avoid bulky objects, only folding strollers are accepted. Scooters and bicycles for children and adults cannot be accepted either because their large size. If your children use roller blades or roller skates, these items must be stored in a bag and cannot be used during the visit. 

See Articles 16 and 18 of the visit regulations

Keep an eye on your belongings during your visit

This tip may seem trivial but be sure to never leave your bags or strollers unattended. In the current high security context, an abandoned bag found on the tower requires our reception and security teams to take drastic protective measures, which could include securing the perimeter, evacuating a floor, or calling in bomb disposal services. Mere forgetfulness can therefore have a big impact on all visitors. Please keep this in mind.
Have you lost something? No need to panic: if you are still at the tower and know where the object is, report it to a member of our reception team or to the Information desk in the west pillar on the esplanade. If you notice you have lost something after your visit, please log in to access our "Lost Property” service 

See Articles 18, 27, 28, 29, 38 of the visit regulations

Taking pictures: keep everyone's safety in mind!

The view of Paris is so spectacular from the floors of the Eiffel Tower that you may be tempted to reach your smartphone or camera out over the railings and through the gates to take pictures. Please understand that this is extremely dangerous and is therefore strictly forbidden: the phone or device could slip out of your hands or become detached form a selfie stick and fall to the ground, which would endanger anyone at or near the spot where it lands. Parents, please inform your children and teens of the importance of this issue.

See Article 18 of the visit regulations

Fear of heights

If you have a fear of heights, we advise against attempting to reach the top of the Eiffel Tower, since you will not fully enjoy the experience. The climb from the second floor offers an extraordinary experience but can be unpleasant for those with a fear of heights. If this is an issue for you, we recommend purchasing tickets with access to the second floor, which includes a visit of the first and second floors and a view that is just as thrilling. This will allow you to make the most of your visit.
See Article 19 of the visit regulations


You have further questions, please read our visit regulations and FAQs.

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