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A protective barrier integrated into the historic site

Wednesday 13 September 2017

Modified the 21/11/17

The Eiffel Tower will be now protected by a perimeter for the most part made of ultra-transparent glass. This barrier will ensure visitor security without obstructing the historic view of the Tower from afar.

Since the UEFA Euro 2016 championships, the Eiffel Tower has been surrounded by a temporary safety structure, made up of barriers and gates. This unsightly structure will be gradually replaced by a perimeter that is better adapted to the site between September 2017 and July 2018. This renewal will reinstate the splendor of the Trocadéro-École Militaire historic viewpoint. The new barrier will protect both visitors and employees at the Tower, but will also better channel the entry flow, without ever distorting the historic site.

Protective glass to preserve an historic view

The choice was made for a main 3 metre high glass fence around the historic North-South viewpoint (on the side of quai Branly and avenue Gustave Eiffel, which is becoming pedestrianised). The glass, 65mm thick, is both resistant - particularly to bullets - and extra-clear. This near-transparency is essential in order to retain the view that runs all the way between the Trocadéro and the École Militaire, passing underneath the Tower’s pillars.

Forecourt remains free

Access to the forecourt, which will remain free, and to the Tower will be moved to the East-West axis, where the original gardens, which will take on the role of a walkway, are located. Visitors can amble among the ancient trees of these protected gardens before finding themselves right underneath the Eiffel Tower. In continuity with the glass wall, reception and security turrets will also have the same ultra-transparent glass protection, thus reducing their visual impact. Around these entrances, a Corten steel fence will take over from the glass. This dark brown metal stands out for the way it changes its appearance with age. 3.24 metres high, echoing the monument’s 324 metres, the fence will also feature, in a stylised form, the outline of the Eiffel Tower. Ticket counters will remain at the foot of the Tower, inside the protective perimeter. Finally, 380 anti-ram bollards, capable of resisting a vehicle, will be put in place around the monument. Some will be retractable, to provide access for delivery or construction vehicles or emergency services.

Several renovation phases to avoid causing on-site disruption

To avoid disruption as much as possible, and particularly noise disturbances, the number of deliveries before 7:30am will be limited. The site itself will be protected by a 3 meter high stockade fence covered with noise barriers. The public will therefore be completely isolated from it. The flow of pedestrians around the monument will be organised as seen fit, in line with the progression of the work. To avoid long-term disruption, these renovation works will take place in several phases. They should begin with the gardens, continuing onto avenue Gustave Eiffel and finally quai Branly.

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