Appartement de Gustave Eiffel au sommet de la tour Eiffel

Did Gustave Eiffel live in the Tower?

Tuesday 19 November 2019

Modified the 19/11/19

Gustave Eiffel designed an apartment located at the top of the Tower. But did he really live in it? By Bertrand Lemoine.

It was intended from the very beginning that the last floor of the Eiffel Tower be used to accommodate visitors. However, Gustave Eiffel reserved the platform at the very top of the Tower, located just below its spire. Completely surrounded by an open air balcony, this dwelling measured approximately 1076 square feet (100 square meters), though a large portion was occupied by the elevator cabin, the stairwell landing from the floor below and numerous technical installations. 

Eiffel’s apartment included a living room with a table, a couch, a piano and three small desks, a kitchen, a bathroom with a sink, and a separate toilet cubicle. Without a bedroom, this dwelling was primarily designed to comfortably accommodate notable guests and for Gustave Eiffel to work on scientific experiments which could be heard from other areas of the Tower. 

The Office’s Recreation 

This apartment, where Eiffel presumably never slept, has since become an area for technical facilities. Now available for the public to tour, it is a recreation of his office which exhibits wax sculptures of Gustave Eiffel, his daughter Claire, and Thomas Edison. This scene is a reminder of when the famous inventor visited Paris in 1889 and gifted Eiffel one of the first sound-recording devices ever made.

Gustave Eiffel and Thomas Edison

The phonograph offered by Thomas Edison

Claire Eiffel, the daughter of Gustave Eiffel

Gustave Eiffel’s office visible at the top of the Tower

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