Summer terrace 2018

The 2018 Summer Terrace: a rooftop and cinematic ambience

Friday 20 July 2018

Modified the 03/12/18

After this spring’s “Special Effects: on location at the Eiffel Tower!”, the Eiffel Tower is extending its tribute to the silver screen with a motion picture theme for its pop-up summer.

From 20 July to 23 September 2018, visitors to the Eiffel Tower are invited to the first floor where they can get some refreshments and relaxation in a rooftop ambience. The decor will feature Mediterranean plants (palm trees, olive trees, and bay trees) so you’ll feel like you’re star spotting at the Cannes Film Festival... with breathtaking views of Paris!

Feeling the need to sit down and cool off with an ice cream and drink after your thrilling tour of the Tower? Stop by the first floor: on our summer terrace for 2018 you will find designer garden furniture and XXL ottomans that you can sink into on your well-deserved break. 

Starring the Eiffel Tower... and you!

Have you already seen the Eiffel Tower on the big screen? While enjoying your break on our summer terrace, you can watch or re-watch clips of films in which the Eiffel Tower plays a role. If you never miss an opportunity for a photo or a selfie, we’ve got a photocall for you where you can pose with a clapperboard for a memorable souvenir photo. 

A bar on the middle of the summer terrace will serve drinks and snacks, including artisan ice cream (€5 for two scoops), Eskimo pie, cold drinks, and granita, as well as popcorn, waffles, and other sweet treats.

Terrasse d'été 2018
Gil Guiglio

Terrasse d'été 2018
Gil Guiglio

Terrasse d'été 2018
Gil Guiglio

Terrasse d'été 2018
Gil Guiglio

Terrasse d'été 2018

Terrasse d'été 2018

Affiche Terrasse d'été 2018

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