Verticale 2019

The 5th Annual Eiffel Tower Vertical Race

Friday 8 March 2019

Modified the 08/03/19

The most unusual race in the world will take place at the Eiffel Tower on 13 March 2019 for the fifth consecutive year: the Vertical!

Beginning that day at 8 PM, 130 runners will take up the daring challenge of climbing the 1665 stairs of the Eiffel Tower as quickly as possible, leading up to its summit. A truly exceptional sports competition organized by EcoTrail and the Eiffel Tower Operating Company, the Eiffel Tower Vertical is a demanding time trial that sparks interest from the elite of the running world as well as many amateur runners (selected at random) tempted by the unique outdoors experience of a dizzying ascent on the stairs of the Eiffel Tower structure.

Come cheer on the runners

This year the 40 “elite” runners include the winner of previous annual competitions and a specialist in stair races, Polish runner Piotr Lobodzinski, as well as the British couple David Harris and Sonja Shakespeare, who got engaged when they finished the event the year before. Far from the mountains, Gediminias Grinius, the internationally renowned Lithuanian ultratrailer, will also try his luck on this urban event. 

In order to organize the arrival of the runners at the top of the Tower, the top of the Tower will be inaccessible starting at 6 PM. However, all the other levels of the Eiffel Tower remain open to visitors, who will be able to admire and cheer on the runners during their climb between 8 PM and 10 PM. For those who wish to attend the start of the race without going to the upper levels, access to the Eiffel Tower gardens and square is unrestricted and free of charge.

How long does it take to climb a 276-meter difference in altitude?

The fastest climb it in less than 10 minutes! The speed records are presently held by Polish runner Piotr Lobodzinski, at 7'48''77 for the men (set in 2016) and by Australian runner Suzy Walsham, at 9'34''75 for the women (set in 2017).

The First Stair Race in 1905

In 1905, the 1st “Stair Championship” was held at the Eiffel Tower, organized by daily newspaper “Les Sports”! Bringing together nearly 300 participants, this “curious competition” consisted, however, of climbing only two levels of the Eiffel Tower, in other words, 729 steps. The cyclist Forestier was the fastest, as reported by the  magazine "La Vie au Grand Air" [Outdoor Life] in the archives of Gallica BNF.


Couverture magazine Vie au grand air


All information regarding the Eiffel Tower Vertical Race can be found here:  
Follow the event on the Eiffel Tower’s social media accounts:  Twitter &Instagram
Follow the event on EcoTrail’s social media accounts:
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When trail comes to Paris

The Vertical is an EcoTrail ® Paris event that takes place over a 4-day period and includes:

  • the stair race event: the Eiffel Tower® Vertical on Wednesday, March 13th, 2019

  • four trail events open to everyone according to their level: 18 km Trail, 30 km Trail, 45 km Trail and 80 km Trail, on Saturday, March 16th, 2019

  • three hikes and 3 Nordic walks over various distances and at different paces on Sunday, March 17th, 2019

On Sunday, March 16th, the Eiffel Tower will host the finish of the 80 km Trail race, starting at 5:30 PM. Because the finish line is located on the 1st level of the Tower, our end-of-the-day and evening visitors will be able to enjoy the runners’ gradual arrival at the finish line! 

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Verticale 2018
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Verticale 2018
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Verticale 2018
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Verticale 2018
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Verticale 2018
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Verticale 2018
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Verticale 2018
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Verticale 2018
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Verticale 2018
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