Beyond Walls fresco

Beyond Walls: explore the giant fresco of SAYPE from the Eiffel Tower

Monday 17 June 2019

Modified the 04/09/19

The artist SAYPE has painted an enormous fresco on the Champ de Mars. It depicts a human chain in support of the association “SOS Méditerranée”.

What symbol could be more fitting than unfurling a fresco celebrating humanity and mutual aid, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, whose international reach and universality are well established.

This June (2019), SAYPE, a French artist specialized in land art started the “Beyond Walls” fresco project in support of the association SOS Méditerranée. This association has been known for its rescue and protection operations out at sea since 2015. “Beyond Walls” begins in Paris, and comes in the form of a giant 15,000 m2 fresco covering the entire Champ de Mars. It portrays a chain of intertwined hands, a symbol of mutual aid and solidarity.  Beyond the “mental and physical” walls that are built in our world, the work of SAYPE would like to highlight the right to free movement and civic rights that each human being has. 

An international project

The SAYPE project receives support from the City of Paris, MTArt Agency, B Corp and the Société d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel (SETE). The project is starting in Paris and will then run through about twenty cities in the world in the next 3 years (Geneva, Berlin, London, Belfast, Buenos Aires ...).

The Eiffel Tower, which supports the project, is indeed the best place to admire the entire fresco! The fresco can now be seen from its 3 floors. The view from the top of the Tower is ideal. You can admire the impressive quality of the enormous work of SAYPE covering the whole 600 meters along the Champ de Mars, between Avenue Gustave Eiffel and the Peace Wall. This will not last because this piece of work is ephemeral!

Since 2013, SAYPE has been painting enormous frescos on grass, and endeavors to use his art to convey messages with social values. He uses paint that is 100% biodegradable, and made of natural pigments (chalk and coal). The fresco is naturally a piece of work that is alive and that evolves with time. It will disappear when the grass grows back and with visitors constantly walking through it

I wanted to create the biggest human chain in the world, starting from Paris and supporting SOS MEDITERRANEE for its values of benevolence, openness to others, and mutual aid.
the giant fresco of SAYPE from the Eiffel Tower
© Valentin Flauraud

the giant fresco of SAYPE from the Eiffel Tower
© Valentin Flauraud

SAYPE artist and the Eiffel Tower
© Valentin Flauraud

the giant fresco of SAYPE from the Eiffel Tower
© J.Schlichter / SETE

the giant fresco of SAYPE from the Eiffel Tower
© J.Schlichter / SETE

The fresco "Beyond Walls" by SAYPE

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