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Come take a break on the first floor on our 2019 summer terrace!

Friday 24 May 2019

Modified the 12/06/19

Better than Parisian rooftop bars! The Eiffel Tower is offering a large relaxation terrace on the 1st floor, decorated for its 130th birthday. A unique venue and view, guaranteed.

Each year, as soon as warmer weather is here, the Eiffel Tower installs a large relaxation space on the 1st floor. 2019 is no exception, offering visitors and unique rooftop lovers a specially decorated venue designed for relaxation, food, and drink.

The Spring/Summer terrace celebrates 2019, the 130th birthday of the Eiffel Tower, whose construction was completed in 1889: inaugurated on March 31st, then opened to the public on May 15th for the Universal Exposition.

In a verdant, tree-filled setting, set against a golden “little sister” version of the Tower, a monumental sculpture 2.5 meters high, you can enjoy ample seating and low or high tables to take a break and savor a snack or refreshment offered at the adjoining bars.

To the delight of kids of all ages, surprising wheel/benches featuring the colors of its 130th birthday and photo props with Belle-Epoque characters, including Mr. Gustave Eiffel himself, will allow you to strike a pose and immortalize this moment with a picture.  

100% Parisian beers and cocktails!

The kiosks will offer sweet and savory snacks, including two unique croque monsieur recipes toasted with 130th-birthday logo of the Eiffel Tower, as well as a wide selection of craft ice creams. On the drink side, our visitors will savor the flavors of natural products grown on the rooftops of Paris, supplied by urban farm designer Sous les Fraises. Several craft beers (lager, IPA, etc.) will be available, brewed using hops and other ingredients from Paris, 100% natural, free of pesticides or herbicides. 

Want to sample a Mojito with mint from the Eiffel Tower? You will indeed be able to do so, starting in early July. Demonstrating that vegetation benefits from a ideal exposure for growth on the 1st-floor terrace, the 5 patches of vegetation installed by Sous les Fraises will produce ingredients here - Mint, hops, edible flowers – which will be used in the exclusive cocktails served on the terrace.

Terrace open through September 20th, 2019

Photo sculpture sur la terrasse tour Eiffel

Photo de la terrasse tour Eiffel 2019

Photo de la terrasse tour Eiffel 2019

Photo de la terrasse tour Eiffel 2019

Photo de la terrasse tour Eiffel 2019

2019 summer terrace on the Eiffel Tower

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