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Official launch of .paris web address!

Wednesday 4 June 2014

Modified the 28/06/21

This Wednesday June 4th, the Eiffel Tower welcomes the official launch of the .paris domain names!

The Eiffel Tower has been the worldwide ambassador of the image of Paris for 125 years!

As a monument that draws millions of visitors from the four corners of the earth, renowned as an international showcase for the French capital, it is natural that the Tower would join the “.paris” adventure and lend its fame to promoting this new digital realm.

As a “.paris” ambassador, the Eiffel Tower will play host to the major projection event on 4 June, providing a visual experience that will undoubtedly be featured in the media both in France and abroad. The more than five million internet users who visit the Tower’s website every year, along with the monument’s two million Facebook fans, will be informed of the event. That will also be the moment for the official unveiling of the Tower’s Instagram account.

A pioneer in broadcasting and communication

The Eiffel Tower certainly has its rightful place in the “.paris” adventure by virtue of its history. A pioneer in the world of broadcast communications, the Tower has unshakeable ties to technological developments in this field. Forget not that it was to have been dismantled 20 years after its 1889 inauguration! Gustave Eiffel knew that having scientific utility was the only thing that would allow the Tower to remain standing. By suggesting that it be used as an antenna support for wireless broadcasts, he succeeded in saving the monument (radio signals from the Tower to the Pantheon in 1898, military radio post in 1903, the first public radio broadcast in 1925, then, more recently, television through to the evolution of TNT.)

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