Photo squelette de dinosaure carnivore vendu aux enchères par Aguttes sur la tour Eiffel

World exclusive: dinosaur skeleton on show at the Eiffel Tower!

Wednesday 30 May 2018

Modified the 26/09/18

The Eiffel tower is proud to welcome a big-name guest that’s truly one of a kind. The imposing skeleton of a newly discovered species of carnivorous dinosaur will be on show in the Gustave Eiffel lounge from 2 to 4 June 2018 before it is sold at auction. Visitors of the Eiffel Tower will all be able to come check it out!

It’s 9m long and 70% complete, and the impressive skeleton belongs to a unique, unknown, theropod* specimen. It will be on show in the Gustave Eiffel lounge on the first floor before it is auctioned off by Aguttes at 6pm on 4 June 2018! But for three days before the auction, visitors to the Eiffel Tower can come get a closer look at this spectacular specimen. The skeleton can be viewed at the following times: 

  • Saturday 2 June, 2.30pm to 10pm
  • Sunday 3 June, 10am to 8pm
  • Monday 4 June, 9.30am to 2pm

For this special event, the skeleton has been fitted to a stainless steel structure designed to evoke the Eiffel Tower..

The exhibition is open to all visitors with a ticket at the stated times. Visitors with tickets to the top or the 2nd floor will visit the first floor on the way back down. Visitors with stairway tickets to the 2nd floor can visit the first floor on the way up or on the way down at their leisure (click here for opening times and prices).

*The theropods are a suborder of dinosaurs containing most large carnivores. The skeleton for sale in the auction was discovered in 2013 at a site on the Morrison Formation in Wyoming (USA), one of the world’s richest sources of dinosaur fossils.

The Eiffel Tower is surely a splendid location for a hitherto carnivorous dinosaur that will stir the imagination of millions of visitors.
Professor Eric Mickeler, Expert and Consultant for the auction

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