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Biking to the Eiffel Tower

Thursday 18 June 2020

Modified the 09/02/21

All roads lead to Rome and all Parisian cycle paths lead to the Eiffel Tower. Follow the guide!

Enjoy a bike ride in the heart of Paris. Thanks to the numerous cycle paths, it’s never been so pleasant to get around Paris. And to make your journey easier, we explain everything there is to know!

The visit starts as soon as you can see the top of the Eiffel Tower. Enjoy a superb view of the Tower during your bike ride: simple, ecological and safe thanks to the dedicated bike areas.

The bicycle trails leading to the Eiffel Tower

There are many bicycle paths near the Eiffel Tower. Ride along the banks of the Seine, cross the Alma, Jena (Iéna) or Bir Hakeim bridges, cycle through the streets of Paris and turn a simple bike ride into a real moment of relaxation!

If you’re coming from the east of Paris, we suggest you come up Avenue de New-York, which takes you to Trocadéro, then cross the Jena (Iéna) bridge for a complete and clear view of the Eiffel Tower.  

If you’re coming from the west of Paris, follow the Seine on the Voie George Pompidou expressway, cross the Bir Hakeim bridge to admire one of the best views of the Tower, then follow Quai Branly to the Eiffel Tower itself.

If you’re coming from the north, follow Avenue Marceau from Place Charles de Gaulle to the Alma bridge and admire the many remarkable buildings such as Yves Saint Laurent's fashion house, the Saint-Pierre-de-Chaillot church and other buildings with typical Parisian, Haussmannian architecture. Cross the Alma bridge and bike along Quai Branly to the Tower.

If you’re coming from the south of Paris, go along Boulevard de Grenelle, then head towards the Ecole Militaire where you’ll turn onto Avenue Charles Floquet that runs along the Champ-de-Mars as far as the Tower.

Discover all of Paris’ bike paths here and create your itinerary for an ideal ride.

Pont de Bir Hakeim
© SETE - Pierre Nicou

Parking your bike near the Tower

You can park your bike wherever you want by securing it to suitable street furniture with a bike lock. There are many parking spaces for 2-wheeled vehicles near the Eiffel Tower.

For even more security, underground parking lots can also accommodate bicycles.

Self-service bicycles

Accessible to all, self-service bicycles are available everywhere in Paris. 

Locate the vélib’ bike station nearest to your starting point and check that it has bikes available here

Once you arrive at the Eiffel Tower, you can leave your vélib’ at one of the nearest drop-off points or pick one up when your visit to the Tower is over.

  • Station 2, Octave Gréard - Eiffel Tower 1 minute walk
  • Station 43, Rapp - Place du Général Gouraud 2 minute walk
  • Station 2, Quai Branly - Eiffel Tower 4 minute walk
  • Station 36, Suffren - Champ de Mars 5 minute walk

To locate one of these stations and generate an itinerary for getting to the Tower, click here.

Other self-service bicycles are available throughout Paris without having to go to a station or terminal. Jump and Mobike allow you to locate and book a bike directly on your smartphone. If you want to rent a bike for a whole day or even several days, there is Donkey Republic.

Continue your bike ride

Not ready to put your bike away for the day? We suggest you visit some of the spots that offer great views to observe or photograph the Eiffel tower.

Otherwise, you can always get to the Eiffel Tower by metro, bus, batobus, RER or car. For more information, click here

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