Tour Eiffel Kids

A fun new tour for kids

Wednesday 7 October 2020

Modified the 03/11/21

Help your children learn about the Eiffel Tower with the fun new interactive tour on the 1st floor, “Eiffel Tower Kids”!

11 October 2021 - Update
"Tour Eiffel Kids" is no longer available due to works on the 1st floor


Joined by two lovable characters, Tom and Elia, embark on a brand-new adventure full of anecdotes and remarkable facts that have shaped the history of the Iron Lady since her construction. Available in the passageways of the 1st floor, this tour is free of charge and open to all. Open to everyone, the tour is available in French, English, and Spanish.

Have fun learning about the Tower

Help your children learn about the Eiffel Tower with the fun new tour that walks you through the history of the Iron Lady. What to expect: anecdotes, bizarre facts, surprising exploits, and much more! A fun, educational activity that your children will enjoy, giving you a moment to relax.

Seek out different signs spread around the 1st floor. The tour can go in any direction, so you can complete the tour however you wish: in full or picking and choosing the information as you walk around.

Plan Tour Eiffel Kids Tour

QR code extras

With their parents’ help, curious young guests will want to unlock extras by scanning QR codes on some signs with their smartphones. Scan them using a smartphone photo application or a specially-designed scanning app. Surprises await you at every turn to add more information and anecdotes!*

A resting space in the Ferrié Pavilion

In addition to the tour of the 1st floor hallways, a resting area awaits families in the Ferrié Pavilion.  In this area, hilarious face-in-the-hole boards offer you the chance to make the tour with Tom and Elia unforgettable with fun photos. Your children will also be delighted to watch the spectacular videos found on a screen there.


* For our visitors without mobile data, you can connect to our free WiFi network: _WiFi_Tour_Eiffel.

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The new tour for kids

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