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The lower second floor gets a makeover

Wednesday 13 September 2017

Modified the 31/05/18

Renovations, upgrades to meet current standards, and improved insulation and soundproofing: the second floor is set to undergo a complete overhaul between now and Easter 2018. Its gallery, shops and restaurant areas will offer visitors a more up-to-date and comfortable welcome, in keeping with the original structure of the Tower.

In September 2017, the lower second floor will undergo a makeover over a period of eight months. The renovation work, mainly concerning the inner gallery, will give it a new atmosphere in simple, soothing colours. The space will be brought in line with the latest heating and electrical standards, improving comfort for both employees and visitors.

Less noise and temperature fluctuations

Existing facilities will be demolished and replaced with better adapted materials. The false ceilings, fibre insulation, lighting, and floor coverings will be removed. The shop’s walls and furniture will be redesigned. Renovated windows and frames on the exterior wall will further remove visitors from bad weather and better protect employees. Thermal insulation and soundproofing will also be improved through the materials used on walls and ceilings.

A central digital display

Finally, a digital device will be on display on the wall around the centre of the gallery. From the top to the bottom of the wall, a flight of doves will give way to the appearance of the Eiffel Tower in various cities around the world, portholes will offer a 3D tour of Paris, two interactive screens will help visitors dream up their ideal city...

Visits preserved and the upper platform still open

Construction will take place in three successive phases so as to ensure full access to the floor, and the superb 360° view of Paris from the upper platform will remain open permanently. The ticket office on the third floor will remain open over the entire period, while the shops and buffets will be open in alternation.

Three successive phases of work

The West part of the floor will be renovated first, starting on September 2017 over a duration of two months, preventing the use of the West lift. This is a chance for maintenance crews to carry out work on the lift. Then it will be the turn of the South side of the gallery, also over two months, causing the macaroon bar and buffet bar to close. After the Christmas break, work will resume, this time on the opposite half, between the East and North pillars, which will be closed for four months.

Reopening of the lower 2nd floor for Easter 2018

At each phase, the construction site will remain apart from the public and employees of the Tower in a sealed capacity. Panels installed on the outside of the boundary will explain the details of the project. The most important work will be conducted at night to prevent noise disruption. Visitors will be welcomed back into a better insulated, more understated, modern, and inviting lower second floor from Easter weekend 2018.

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