Ticket to the Second Floor via the Lift

Advantages of the lift ticket to the second floor

Fast access thanks to the historic lift
Fast access thanks to the historic lift
The best place to enjoy the sparkles at night
The best place to enjoy the sparkles at night
From €4.30
From €4.30

An amazing experience at the heart of the Tower

Traveling to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower offers a whole range of emotions: the thrill of the ascent in an historic Eiffel Tower lift, then the stunning 360-degree view of Paris, and the monument’s spire stretching up into the sky! At nighttime, it is also the best place from which to admire the sparkles on the Tower.

View from the second floor Eiffel Tower visit via the lifts Romantic visit

The ticket to the second floor via the lift gives you access to the second and first floors of the Tower. The visit lasts 1 hour 30 mins for both floors.
It is accessible for people with reduced mobility and we highly recommend the experience of ascending to the second floor via the lift.
If you book your tickets in advance with an allocated time window, you are guaranteed faster access up to a height of 377 feet without having to queue to purchase a ticket at the ticket offices.

The visit experience

Historic lift View of the Tower sparkles First-floor museography

01: Enter one of the Tower's historic lifts

You will experience a thrilling ascent up to the second floor and will travel back in time thanks to the Eiffel Tower’s unique lifts in the EAST or WEST pillar. Once you arrive at the second floor, you will be spellbound as you enjoy the 360-degree view of Paris from the two levels of this floor.

02: The discovery of the second floor

The second floor offers a comprehensive experience during which you can not only admire the view of the City of Light, but also buy refreshments, taste the exceptional Pierre Hermé Paris x Eiffel Tower macaroons and browse the shops. In the evening, the second floor is the ideal place to see the illuminations on the Tower, especially the hourly 5-minute sparkles. A moving experience guaranteed!

03: On the way back down

To complete your experience, take the stairs back down and plunge into the heart of the structure. Allow a maximum of 10 minutes to reach the esplanade. The descent via the stairs is not accessible for visitors with reduced mobility. Whether you descend via the lift or on foot via the stairs, don’t forget stop at the first floor, where there are places to rest and sit down, food and beverage outlets (bistro, bar and buffet, and the Madame Brasserie restaurant), a spacious shop, and different museographic displays you mustn’t miss!

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A spectacular visit experience

Ticket prices

Ticket to the Second Floor via the Lift

  • An experience at the heart of the Tower at a maximum price of €17.10 (adult price, from 25 years old)

  • Adult : 17,10 euros
  • Young from 12 to 24 : 8,60 euros
  • Children from 4 to 11 : 4,30 euros
  • Children under 4 : free

Top tips

Keep to your time window

If you have chosen a time-stamped ticket, please arrive at the esplanade at the start of the time slot indicated on your ticket.

Security checks at the entrance

Before reaching the esplanade, obligatory security checks are carried out at the entrance to the site; please allow 10 to 20 minutes to go through them.

No supplement to the top

For those with a ticket to the second floor, it is not possible to purchase a supplement to the top on site. There is no such ticket.