Photo de la tour Eiffel à l'envers

The Eiffel Tower as seen by its employees

Wednesday 4 December 2019

Modified the 05/12/19

To celebrate the Eiffel Tower’s 130th anniversary, SETE, Société d'Exploitation de la tour Eiffel, organized an internal photo competition. Discover the competition's beautiful winning photos.

SETE, Société d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel, wanted to give its employees a chance to participate in the Tower’s 130th anniversary celebrations. Sparked by a small group of enthusiasts, an internal photo competition was organized, and some real talent was discovered! All of SETE’s employees were invited to participate, from cashiers to technicians or people in support roles, and they submitted more than 150 striking photos of exceptional moments or points of view from “their” Tower.

Prizes were awarded to 13 photos, and all the employees were invited to see them during an exhibition.

Through its 340 employees, SETE maintains, operates, and enlivens the Eiffel Tower as part of a delegation of public services contract with the City of Paris, which owns 99% of its capital. The Eiffel Tower belongs to the City of Paris.

Photo contest winner 1

Photo contest winner 2

Photo contest winner 3

Photo contest winner 4

Photo contest winner 5

Photo contest winner 6

Photo contest winner 7

Photo contest winner 8

Photo contest winner 9

Photo contest winner 10

Photo contest winner 11

Photo contest winner 12

Photo contest winner 13

The 13 winning photos

13 photos

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