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The Eiffel Tower’s Observatory Garden April-May 2010

Thursday 8 April 2010

Modified the 04/05/18

Observatory Garden on the 1st floor, April-May 2010.

For the occasion of the International Year of Biodiversity, the Eiffel Tower has set up a temporary garden for two months on the first floor, covering more than 400 m2. Visitors are invited to take a better look at the richness of the flora in the Parisian region.

Designed in collaboration with the Direction des Espaces Verts and Environnement de la Mairie de Paris, the Eiffel Tower’s Observatory Garden adheres to the biodiversity plan and events organized by the city of Paris in 2010, International Year of Biodiversity (

Enter the garden through the plant-covered archways into this modern and urban environment with dominating colors of yellow and white dotting the many square beds of variable plant growths.

Visitors can stroll through the garden discovering the more than 80 plant arrangements, chosen to illustrate the native plants of the Parisian region. St John’s wort, yarrow, wallflowers, box hedge, malus, birch, gooseberry bush….Little white pots are arranged in small plots so as to highlight the different varieties found in this region, which is highly favorable for biodiversity.

The sound of birds can be heard and a handful of other insects and animals are visible in the plant beds (butterflies, bees, birds, hedgehogs…).

In the center, water jets spring out of lit-up pots, criss-crossing to the delight of the passers-by. All around the display, visitors will find turf-covered benches for a moment of relaxation and reverie.

On the Champ de Mars side of the Tower, flowering herbal plants line the window boxes all along the guardrail. And for a refreshing pause while enjoying a moment in this season of spring, why not visit the snack bar for a special treat, such as a strawberry-basil or a raspberry-violet sherbet !

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