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Gardens and glass wall: the new perimeter is unveiled

Wednesday 20 June 2018

Modified the 08/10/18

The Eiffel Tower is transforming! The Eiffel Tower is now ready to unveil its new perimeter, including the gardens on either side of the esplanade and the glass wall that is currently being installed. It will offer visitors a new way to experience the Eiffel Tower, all within a safe perimeter.

On the Seine and Champs-de-Mars sides of the Tower, installation of the highly transparent glass wall is still underway. It was designed by the Austrian architect Dietmar Feichtinger, who is also the brain behind the Simone-de-Beauvoir bridge in Paris and the access way to the Mont-Saint-Michel. The wall will enable visitors to keep enjoying the (listed) view, which extends from the Champs-de-Mars all the way to Trocadéro, as well as providing enhanced security for visitors and staff at the Tower.

Listed historic gardens

On the Allée Léon Bourgeois and Allée Paul Deschanel sides, the perimeter has been expanded to encompass the gardens being planted around the sides. These historic gardens are Listed Wooded Spaces, and have been treated to some new landscaping that provides visitors with an entirely new way to move around (and to see!) the Eiffel Tower. Since March 2018, visitors have been using two entrances to the monument on the Allées Léon Bourgeois and Paul Deschanel, where the security checks are located, and then crossing the gardens. Access to the gardens and esplanade remains free ! 

A whole new point of view

Visitors can enjoy more than 2 hectares of gardens: ancient trees, flowerbeds, some 2000 shrubs and 20,000 perennial plants, gazebos, and rocky waterfalls... There’s plenty to do to hang out and relax before or after you visit the Tower, and discover the secrets of this space: the views – or viewing angles – that had until now been overlooked.   

On the garden side, and in addition to the glass wall, the new space is surrounded by a 3.24m high fence of Corten steel (a weather-resistant material), specially designed for the Eiffel Tower and drawing inspiration from its lines. 

Photo paroi en verre

Photo paroi en verre

Photo jardins

Photo jardin et bassin

Photo grille en acier

A renewed visiting experience

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