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“Follow Gus”, a new experience designed for children!

Wednesday 30 March 2016

Modified the 28/02/18

From April, the Eiffel Tower has a new activity to offer its young visitors on the first level with a fun and educational experience dedicated to children aged 6 to 10. This permanent event gives you the chance to enhance your visit by acquiring new knowledge while having fun, with your family or your class from school!

The Eiffel Tower from every angle in the company of Gus


What colour was the Tower when it first opened? How often is it repainted? What is the name of the river which flows past the foot of the Tower? What profession is not found at the Eiffel Tower? 27 questions are waiting to be answered!

The little Gus character, dressed in the style of Gustave Eiffel, accompanies children on their tour.

Equipped with a bilingual French-English booklet-game and a little pencil provided for them, young visitors learn a thousand aspects of the history of the Eiffel Tower, about its creator but also about the landscape of Paris seen from that level.

Signs bearing the Gus character guide children through each stage of the tour.

Practical info

Picto gus

Go up to the first level of the Tower, by the stairs or the lift, and collect a booklet-game and a pencil from the Ferrié pavilion.

The tour is free and is accessed by following the signs featuring the Gus character.

Another chance to rediscover the first level of the Tower

57 metres above Paris, the biggest level of the monument combines every advantage! A children’s tour, a museum tour for everyone in the open air, as well as the excitement of the glass floor and the immersive film!

Seasonal events are also organised there, such as a themed terrace in summer and an ice rink in winter.

The experience is completed by a shop of 100m2 oriented towards culture, a snack area and the restaurant 58 Tour Eiffel.

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