Ticket to the Top via the Stairs + Lift

Advantages of the ticket to the top via the stairs then the lift

The most comprehensive visit
The most comprehensive visit
Access to all floors of the Tower
Access to all floors of the Tower
From €5.10
From €5.10

An unforgettable adventure to the top

This ticket combines an ascent to the second floor on foot via the stairs, then lift access to the top. Important: this ticket is only available on site at the Tower’s ticket offices and offers an immediate ascent subject to the number of visitors at the top. It is not available for purchase from our online ticket office.

Visitors at the top Ascending via the stairs Champagne bar

The visit via the stairs + the lift is an adventure in its own right. Allow 2 to 2.5 hours for the visit in order to make the most of all the possibilities that this ticket offers. This way of traveling to the top is also a good alternative if you cannot find any availabilities online for tickets to the top via the lift.

The visit experience

Staircase flag View inside the staircase View of the sign for the top Summer terrace

01: Purchase at the ticket offices

You must go to one of the monument’s ticket offices to buy this “combined” ticket. When you arrive at the esplanade, go to the ticket offices selling “staircase” tickets (blue flag). Once you have got your ticket and have passed the security checks, you can start climbing the 674 steps to the second floor. Don’t hesitate to stop at the first floor to rest and explore! The large seasonal terrace and the bistro on the first floor offer refreshments according to the time of year.

02: Ascent to the second floor via the staircase

Allow 15 to 20 mins of ascent per floor for the less athletic. The climb in the heart of the monument’s structure is particularly moving and there is plenty of opportunity to rest. You will feel a real sense of achievement when you reach the second floor, which offers a memorable experience as you discover the different points of view available. You can then choose to explore the second floor straight away or continue your ascent to the top via the lift. There may be some waiting time to take the lift to the top: a second ticket check is carried out before accessing the top.

03: Arrive at the top in the blink of an eye

Once in lift to the top, you will experience the thrill of ascending to the highest point in Paris in just a few minutes. At the top, an indoor level and an open-air level allow you to admire Paris and its surroundings. You will also be surprised by the discovery of Gustave Eiffel's office! You may even want to celebrate this vertical adventure with a glass of bubbly from the champagne bar.

04: on the way back down

You can visit the second and first floors on the way back down. Take time to explore them, discover the panoramic views, buy refreshments or make a few purchases in the shops. If you are visiting in the evening, you will discover the City of Light stretching out at your feet and admire the illuminations, particularly the hourly 5-minute sparkles. We highly recommend discovering this privileged experience from the second floor. Although, like the ascent, the descent from the top is only possible via the lift, you can choose to go back down from the second floor via the stairs (for the most athletic) or take the lift.

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Ticket prices

Ticket to the Top via the Stairs and the Lift

Climbing by stairs
  • Ascension by lifts
  • The full adventure for a maximum price of €20.40 (adult price, from 25 years old).

    For all reduced-rate tickets, proof of eligibility may be asked for at the entrance to the monument.

  • Adult : 20,40 euros
  • Young from 12 to 24 : 10,20 euros
  • Children from 4 to 11 : 5,10 euros
  • Children under 4 : free

Top tips

Only on sale at the ticket offices

Tickets only available at the ticket offices for immediate access, subject to the number of visitors at the top.

Visit not accessible to all

The stairs and the top are not accessible to people with reduced mobility.

No left luggage at the Tower

This visit is not recommended for families with babies or kids in strollers. In addition, there is no left luggage service at the Eiffel Tower.