Visitors with disabilities

The Eiffel Tower has adapted some facilities for disabled visitors.
Ticket Prices
Adult Rate Youth Rate (aged 12-24) (1) Child Rate (aged 4-11) (1)
Ticket for 2nd floor by lift 16,70€ 8,40€ 4,20€
Ticket to the top by lift 26,10€ 13,10€ 6,60€
Ticket for 2nd floor by stairs 10,50€ 5,20€ 2,60€
Ticket to top by stairs & lift 19,90€ 9,90€ 5,00€
Year Round
Ticket for 2nd floor by lift
Adult Rate 16,70€
Youth Rate (1) (aged 12-24) 8,40€
Child Rate aged 4-11 / Disabled (1)(2) 4,20€
Year Round
Ticket to the top by lift
Adult Rate 26,10€
Youth Rate (aged 12-24) 13,10€
Child Rate aged 4-11 / Disabled (1)(2) 6,60€
Year Round
Ticket for 2nd floor by stairs
Adult Rate 10,50€
Youth Rate (1) (aged 12-24) 5,20€
Child Rate aged 4-11 / Disabled (1)(2) 2,60€
Year Round
Ticket to top by stairs & lift
Adult Rate 19,90€
Youth Rate (1) (aged 12-24) 9,90€
Child Rate aged 4-11 / Disabled (1)(2) 5,00€
(1) Upon presentation of supporting documents.
(2) Reduced rate for disabled is applied upon presentation of a proof of eligibility.

Kids aged under 4 go free at the Eiffel Tower, but they must be in possession of a free ticket, available when buying tickets online or at the Tower. Their accompanying persons have to pay the adult or youth 12/24 rate.

Please note

The top of the tower and the stairways are not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Your visits

The Eiffel Tower has some facilities to facilitate access and visits to people with disabilities.

Visitors with disabilities are welcome to present themselves to the Eiffel Tower staff so that they are served more quickly : guiding them to the Information Point in the West Pillar (payment by cheque or credit/debit card) or to the ticket office (payment in cash).
The Information Point and other ticket counters are fitted with hearing loops for hearing aid users.

On the first floor, the three pavilions housing the gift shop, cafeteria, CinEiffel, 58TE restaurant, and the Salon Gustave Eiffel, as well as the walkway, are all accessible to visitors with reduced mobility and the visually impaired. Some signs are translated into braille, and others embossed for use by the visually impaired.

However, the top of the tower is not suitable for people with reduced mobility.


All throughout your visit to the Tower, from the esplanade to the 2nd floor, you can find cafeterias and restaurants selling a range of sweet and savoury snacks.

  • First floor terrace

    During the summer of 2020, a bar and restaurant area awaits you on the 1st floor terrace for refreshing and gourmet moments. Fresh drinks, ice cream, burgers, bistro boards and cocktails will be offered at any time of the day. Ideally situated at the center of the Tower's structure, the first floor terrace has all the qualities of an exceptional rooftop setting. An experience not to be missed!

  • The buffets

    If you fancy a quick snack, try the buffet, a comfortable space with incredible views over Paris.

  • Macaroon Bar

    On the second floor, be sure to visit the macaroon bar. Foodies little and large will love it! A large buffet also provides sweet and savoury snacks

Information about the restaurant and dining:
when calling from France,
when calling from abroad.