Adventure game de la tour Eiffel

How to play the Eiffel Tower adventure game?

Tuesday 25 June 2019

Modified the 06/01/20

During its 130th year, the Eiffel Tower offers a fun treasure hunt that will immerse you in its history. Will you discover one of Paris’s best kept secrets?

Update: the Adventure game is no longer available.

What is it about?

Lovers of escape games, adventure games or other puzzle games, come and test "The secret Eiffel Tower file" game, which was designed with the authors of the musical show "The 300-meter Tower". Free, accessible to all (adults, teenagers and children helped by their parents), this game invites you to discover the secrets of the Eiffel workshops, with friends or family, to find the name of a confidential file. To start playing, it’s easy: you just need a pencil and a game booklet, available for free at the Tower and on our website.

Where to play?

Go to the 1st floor of the Tower, this is where the game begins. You will find 10 tags scattered on the ground, using the old map, dating from 1889, provided in the booklet. These offer you a way to decipher a series of puzzles.  "From here another Gustave Eiffel construction is visible" or even "No need to run out of steam counting the number of steps climbed to reach the 1st floor, just have observant feet”, each mystery will allow you to learn more about the monument and its history. And the answer is inevitably near by each of the tags. Keep your eyes open!

For each puzzle, you will need to enter a pair of numbers in the boxes provided in the booklet. They will help you to decipher the final riddle.

Once all riddles are solved on the 1st floor, go to the gardens of the Eiffel Tower. This is where the final puzzle will be played! Follow the instructions on the booklet.

How to find the clues?

Are you stuck? We’ll give you a hand. If you have difficulty deciphering the puzzles, clues are offered in the form of short video sequences. To watch them, it’s simple: using your phone, flash the QR code displayed on the tag, which will take you to YouTube links. Feel free to connect to the free WiFi at the Eiffel Tower for easy connection (_WiFi_Tour_Eiffel).

How to solve the puzzle?

Once in the gardens, the final puzzle will come up. Just one more thing and you’re done! Two other tags await you near the ponds, first the East side Gardens, then the West side. You’ll need to find the "key" to transform the numbers found in the previous riddles into letters. 

If you haven’t had time to finish the game in the gardens, below you’ll find some photos that will help you decipher the mystery.

Western facade

Western facade

Photo of Eastern facade

Eastern facade

Decipher the final riddle using these photos

2 photos

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