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Human Energy exhibition

Thursday 3 December 2015

Modified the 04/07/19

Each night from December 6 to December 12, the Eiffel Tower partners with French artist Yann Toma,to transform the Eiffel Tower into an immense energy antenna.

Using virtual energy generated by the actions of hundreds of millions people worldwide, it will be a powerful artistic statement that we can unite to deal with the climate crisis.

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At the heart of the installation is the largest ever virtual energy generator, involving hundreds of millions of people worldwide, everyday. A counter will display the physical calorie count of 75 million daily users of RUNTASTIC. It will also measure the volume of tweets generated live during COP21.

HUMAN ENERGY during 7 days:

  • - 75 millions sportmen registered on all RUNTASTIC applications
  • - 284 millions calories burnt every day
  • - 350 millions tweets generated during COP 21

The Eiffel Tower, the world symbol for climatic commitment.

This energy displayed in the counter will be released into the art installation, lighting 24 moving beams at the top of the Tower, transforming it into a living symbol.

HUMAN ENERGY will also project a new Climate Sign onto the skirt of the Tower.

Raising the Climate Sign is a way for people anywhere in the world to signal that our energy is untied for climate action now.

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