Comparison of the summit between years 1900 and 2000

From 300 to 330 meters: the story of the Tower’s height

Thursday 28 April 2022

Modified the 24/11/22

Since it was built, the Eiffel Tower never stopped growing!

Without the Eiffel Tower, radio then television broadcasting would not have moved forward as quickly in France. And without radio and TV, the Eiffel Tower would not have gained so much height ! 

When it was first built, before taking the name of its creator, the Eiffel Tower was called the “300m Tower”. It was exactly 984 feet tall. However, on its inauguration day on March 31, it was topped by a large flagpole from which the French flag was flown, taking the height of the Tower to a little more than 312 meters (1,024 feet). 

Vue historique sur le sommet
The summit at the very beginning of the 20th century.

The top of the Tower had somewhat changed since 1900, in particular with the addition of a small octagonal lounge just below the arches. Although the flag had disappeared, there was still a mast to which the first television antennas were attached as well as meteorology sensors and equipment.  In October 1949, French television made a major leap forward with the installation of a new 3-meter television antenna for a “high definition” 819-line transmitter that allowed two programs to be broadcast simultaneously. At the time, the Tower still measured just over 312 meters (1,024 feet).

Vue historique sur le sommet

The configuration of the top of the Tower was now very different, having been rebuilt after a fire in 1956. Television continued to progress and live broadcasting dishes were installed to broadcast three television channels in 819 lines, as well as a frequency modulation radio transmitter. All this new equipment took the Eiffel Tower to a height of 320,75 meters (1,050 feet)!

Vue historique sur le sommet

The installation of a new UHF (Ultra High Frequency) antenna for Digital Terrestrial Television and its base which changed the height of the tower again, making it 324 meters tall (1,063 feet).


Vue sur le sommet de nuit

The latest addition: +6 meters were gained following the installation of a new antenna dedicated to digital terrestrial radio (DAB+). The Eiffel Tower reached the height of 330 meters (1,083 feet) on March 15, 2022 thanks to this successful and dizzying operation carried out by helicopter. Which was a first ! 

Installation if the new antenna in march 2022

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