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Everything you need to know about Eiffel Tower tour conditions

Friday 26 June 2020

Modified the 01/06/22

How to prepare your summer 2020 Eiffel Tower visit.

UPDATE : From March 14, 2022 - end of the vaccine & health pass. End of the facemask inside buildings. 

The Eiffel Tower will reopen on 25 June 2020, after three months of being closed in accordance with confinement measures linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. For our visitors’ comfort and peace of mind, sanitary measures and capacity limitations have been implemented. These measures are all explained in these FAQs.

Ticketing Information

Can we buy our tickets online?
Yes, online ticketing is open. We recommend buying your tickets online since these time-specific tickets offer you a guarantee of availability, and ensure that you don’t have to wait in line at the monument’s ticket booths. The number of available entries for tours by the stairs and elevators is much less than usual, in order to respect reasonable limits on the number of visitors and avoid large groups of people.

What kinds of tickets are available?
Tickets currently on sale give visitors access to the 2nd floor by the stairs or by the elevator (available on the spot and online).  
Tickets for 2nd-floor elevator visits are available for July and August. Stairway access tickets to the 2nd floor for August will go on sale 7 days in advance. We recommend that all visitors who are physically able opt for the stair access tour (only a 15-minute climb per floor), which also offers a fuller enjoyment of the experience in the heart of the Tower’s structure. Also, this will allow people with limited mobility, seniors, and parents with young children the chance to take advantage of elevator access.
The summit will reopen mid-July with a very limited number of visitors (check our online ticket office for availabilities).

Health Measures

Do I have to wear a mask?
Yes. All visitors over 11 years of age must wear a face mask. The Eiffel Tower does not provide masks. All staff working in and on the Eiffel Tower (reception agents, cashiers, boutique sales staff and food workers) will also be wearing masks. The virus is still circulating, protect yourself and protect others! It is imperative that we comply with the public health measures, physical distancing and instructions given by our reception personnel, for everyone’s health. 

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Is there a specific path for the tour?
Yes. Visitors will climb up one staircase and come down the other so that they don’t cross paths face-to-face. There is no obligatory path or direction on the esplanade, in the gardens, and on the floors of the Tower. Nonetheless, an abundant system of signs and floor markings will help visitors respect appropriate distancing (5 feet) between people, in particular in waiting lines and around the most popular observation points.

Do you provide hand sanitizer?
Yes. There are about 30 hand sanitizer distribution points, with foot-pedal control, spread around the site: at the entrances, on the esplanade, and on the two levels. The daily cleaning and disinfection routine has been enhanced in all the spaces comprising the Tower, and also for all surfaces visitors come into contact with, like railings and telescopes.

Do you accept cash payments?
In the current context, we advise our visitors to use payment methods that require the least possible contact whenever possible, that is, by bank card. Other modes of payment are however accepted.

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Tour Conditions

Can we eat on site?
Yes, the food stands selling snacks are open on the esplanade and the 2nd floor. On the 1st floor, you can cool off, or have lunch or dinner on the summer terrace that offers a variety of bistro dishes and drinks, as well as ice cream and snow cones. 
For a unique gourmet meal in an exceptional setting at over 400 feet in altitude, the Jules Verne restaurant on the 2nd floor, managed by Frédéric Anton, will reopen its doors on 30 June. Reserve your table online or by phone at 0183773434 (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

Will the stores be open?
Yes. The stores on the esplanade, 1st and 2nd floors are open.

Helpful tip!
Instead of the paper guide, connect to our mobile visiting guide at this address:! A virtual helper on your visit, it provides an interactive map of each level and, to enrich your tour, a wide range of cultural and historical information about the Tower on dozens of themes. Visitors who don’t have an Internet connection on their phone are invited to connect to the Eiffel Tower’s free W-Fi network, available in all the public spaces.

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