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Dining at the Eiffel Tower: the challenge of French excellence!

Tuesday 12 March 2019

Modified the 30/11/21

Beginning in 2019, the Eiffel Tower will completely renew its food offer, from the Michelin-starred Jules Verne restaurant to takeaway meals. Happiness for the taste buds on every floor.

The Eiffel Tower is continuing to transform itself in order to offer its more than 6 million annual visitors a truly unique visitor experience.  After the work to secure the grounds and renovate the Tower's gardens in 2018, the new food offer project, highlighting Parisian and French gastronomy, is a key lever for offering our visitors the finest!  

Completely redesigned, led by the new concessionaire Umanis* and embodied by a duo of Michelin-starred chefs, Frédéric Anton (3*) and Thierry Marx (2*), the offer represents a major qualitative leap in every respect: architecture of the venues revisited, culinary and commercial offer reinvented and environmental and societal approach emphasized.

The new Jules Verne: the must-visit Parisian culinary destination

A leading figure in French gastronomy, the Jules Verne will reopen its doors during the summer 2019, under the leadership of Frédéric Anton, three-star chef and Meilleur Ouvrier de France craftsman competition winner (Pré Catelan). His ambition: "To establish the restaurant as an essential gastronomic destination in Paris."  For this reason, the extraordinary and timeless culinary journey begins on the ground with a refurbished entrance and an ascent by a private elevator.

Arriving at the Jules Verne on the 2nd floor of the Tower, visitors will discover a new interior designed by the talented architect Aline Asmar d’Amman. Frédéric Anton's new Jules Verne offers a menu that reinvents the great classics of French cuisine, but also new settings such as breakfast, or truly unique culinary experiences in a private lounge or in the kitchen.

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The Brasserie, a popular cuisine for every taste  

On the 1st floor of the Tower, the Brasserie, currently named 58 Tour Eiffel, is taken over by the double-starred Chef Thierry Marx, and is also gradually being transformed. Before closing for extensive work beginning September 2019 to February 2020, the restaurant will be offering new menus created by Thierry Marx for dinner and lunch starting the evening of March 13!

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Led by Ramy Fischler, 2018 Designer of the Year, founder of RF Studio and Nicola Delon, co-founder of the Encore Heureux collective, the two-level architectural project of the future Brasserie will restore value to the spaces, divided into islands, offering more views to guests and highlighting the Tower's original structure. In the Brasserie’s dishes, Thierry Marx wants to make the place “universal.” He will offer a Parisian bistro cuisine, whose ambition is "to accentuate simple products." The Brasserie will also be "a restaurant that is deeply respectful of the environment and with a social responsibility", using products mainly from a radius of less than 200 km from Paris and generating very little waste. See you in early 2020!

Take away buffets: Happiness for the taste buds on every floor! 

From the Esplanade to the top, the Eiffel Tower experience will be as tasty for our visitors as it is innovative. From April to December 2019, the various sales and tasting points will be set up. On the Esplanade, you will discover the delicious Eiffel Tower cones, salted and sweet, to eat on the go. Food tricycles will also offer our visitors seasonal snacks: Parisian hot dogs, detox bars, soup or ice cream bars and sweets. No more standing in line at the kiosks: thanks to our "bees" on the Esplanade, order pancakes or waffles, pay and then have them delivered wherever you are on the Esplanade.

On the 1st floor, the old buffet will be transformed into a traditional Parisian bistro. From December 2019, the Eiffel Tower Bistro will offer take away during the day with sandwiches by Thierry Marx, followed by a sit-down dinner in the evening with local dishes.

On the 2nd floor, the sweet and savory “Comptoir” stands will offer many exclusive and colorful dishes to take away: mini sandwiches, all kinds of pastries and original pastries from the Guilde des artisans**, macarons...

At the top, the Champagne Bar is expanding this spring: designed as a capsule between earth and sky, at 905 feet (276 meters) above the ground, it will offer champagne and French caviar for a timeless experience like none other!

**Since October 1st, 2018, the Eiffel Tower's food and beverage concession has been awarded to Umanis, led by Sodexo, in partnership with three shareholders: starred chef Frédéric Anton (3*) for the Jules Verne, starred chef Thierry Marx (2*) for the 1 st floor Brasserie and Ubudu, a specialist in visitor flow management.

** Sodexo Sports and Loisirs has created and implemented the “Guilde des artisans” ("Guild of Craftsmen”). This is a network of Parisian and Ile-de-France food artisans selected for their remarkable know-how and their eco-responsible commitment. The local and seasonal products, selected by a jury chaired by Chef Thierry Marx, will be offered for sale to the monument's six million annual visitors. This commitment to connect local craftsmen with the most emblematic monument in Paris aims to showcase the best of local know-how and to contribute economically and socially to a global ecosystem united by the Tower.

Moodboard Jules Verne

Le Jules Verne

Frédéric Anton
Clément Design

Frédéric Anton, Chef of the Jules Verne Restaurant

La future brasserie du 1er étage

The future brasserie at the first floor

La future brasserie du 1er étage

La future brasserie du 1er étage

Thierry Marx and Frédéric Anton
Charles Gerber

Les Chefs Thierry Marx et Frédéric Anton

Press conference 12 March 2019
Alexandre Nestora

Press conference on 12 March 2019 at the Gustave Eiffel Salon

New food offering at the Eiffel Tower

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