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Can you walk beneath the Eiffel Tower without paying for a ticket?

Yes. The Eiffel Tower gardens and esplanade are fully accessible without a ticket, i.e. for free. In 2018, a series of attractive partitions made from glass and steel were set up surrounding the Eiffel Tower, including the gardens on one side and the esplanade on the other, to offer our visitors a more extensive, pleasant experience. There is no charge to access the gardens and esplanade beneath the Eiffel Tower. All you need to do is go through the security checks at entry 1 or entry 2 of the Eiffel Tower, via the queue for visitors without tickets. In the restored historic gardens, you will discover a unique, verdant  setting and enjoy the magical experience of walking beneath the Eiffel Tower’s impressive structure. On the esplanade, there is a gift store and buffet to extend the enjoyment of this unique visit. A stroll through the gardens and esplanade is a typically Parisian experience, and what’s more, it’s completely free - don’t miss it! 

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