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Questions involving Getting to the tower

Can visits be made by people in wheelchairs?

When the Eiffel tower was built in 1889 accessibility for disabled people was not yet a concern.

Today, despite the monument's architecture, the nature of the means for ascending the Tower and safety regulations, we do our utmost to cater for disabled people.

Disabled people can therefore go to the 1st and 2nd floors by lift but the top is not accessible to them for safety reasons, notably if they had to be evacuated urgently.

Several facilities have been created to make it easier for disabled people to visit the Tower:

access via the pillars in order to avoid steps and turnstiles
large capacity lift cabins designed for people in wheelchairs
services accessible on one level (buffets, shops)

disabled toilets on the ground floor (behind the East pillar) and on the 1st and 2nd floors 

conversions to the windows on the balustrade on the 2nd floor so wheelchair users can enjoy the panoramic view

audio induction loops at the ticket offices for visitors who are hard of hearing.

However visits to the top of the Tower are not authorised for safety reasons. Tickets for disabled people can be purchased in advance from our online ticket office or from the ticket offices at the Tower.

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