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Are you planning a visit to the Eiffel Tower and have questions about how to buy your tickets, our pricing, how to get to the Tower, and what you can do once you get there? In this FAQ we try to answer all of your questions. Enter a key word to search, or choose one of the four different subjects.

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Is there a left luggage office?

There is no left luggage office at the Eiffel Tower. You are reminded that in accordance with our rules: 

It is not allowed to bring and use rollerblades, scooters, skateboards, overboards, or any other large rolling object (except foldable pushchairs, medical or assistance vehicles for persons with reduced mobility).

You also cannot bring the following objects onto the Eiffel Tower: 

- weapons and ammunition, 

- explosive, inflammable or unstable substances, 

- knives which may endanger the safety of the public and the personnel, 

- tools (i.e. cutters, screwdrivers, pliers, etc),

- any excessively heavy bulky or foul-smelling objects, 

- oversized packets or baggage (at the discretion of the members of staff controlling visitors at the entrance to the Tower),

- any mountaineering or jumping equipment (in particular bungee jumping or parachutes) as well as any propaganda material of any kind, 

- non-foldaway pushchairs, 

- animals, except animals accompanying disabled people,

- glass bottles and drinking glasses, cans of drink, 

- excessive quantity of drink or food (assessed by the members of staff at the entrance). 

A gauge is supplied to visitors at the four corners of the parvis and at the security control in front of the Tower. The Eiffel tower does not have a left luggage room or cloakroom. Any object which is not accepted onto the Tower and put in a dustbin will be considered to have been lost.

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